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The coral lipstick - a story in pictures

The two culprits were these lipsticks , lying unused in my drawer forever. One a nude pinky brown (cocoa creme by Lakme) the other a fiery orangey red (brick red by Revlon)

Then came the summer , and I had a massive crush on the coral colour everyone else was wearing. I didnt want to buy it just yet, thinking what if it is not my style, the trend just passes away in a week. So out came the colouring experiment. The culprits , some unused, some treasured (revlon colorburst -soft rose) for their cost and some used without a thought (VOV concealer). By the way the red feels lovely on lips, it is the superlustrous range of lipstick and the colour is so deep , that i wish orangey red lips become my fave look.. i look like a fanta ad with orange lips, so that is that..

They were brutally massacred at the altar of the coral crush , and here be the lipstick in their individual avatar and the fruit of their sacrifice.. From bottom to top, cocoa creme, brick red , soft rose(swiped twice), conc…

Mera wala coral

I dont know how many of you remember this ad where a woman went in search of the perfect pink for her walls. I still remember the line 'Mera wala pink'. Colour is a bit like that. Many shades , hues , combinations later , you find your perfect shade and then you just want that and no other.

I cannot say I found a mera wala coral, but I came pretty close. Being the DIY addict that I am and wanting to find my own coral lipstick ,I began my experiment here are the details..

The pics will come soon...

I took a small glass jar, and broke an old lakme lipstick into it, that was called cocoa bloom , to give my coral lipstick some form of base , I figured just orange -red and pink would do me no good.

The brown lipstick was lying unused as it was too dull , and the finish was no good.
Then I added a 1/2 pea sized amount of concealer, followed by a revlon orange red lipstick in superlustrous called brick red (this is lovely colour by itself , nice orangey red , great for a crazy…

DIY - Hair gel

Another simply curly hair DIY is a nice hair gel , with moderate hold but no stiffness , and makes your curls look glossy. Sounds too good to be true, here it is.

It is really easy to make. And this one is all natural.

1 cup aloevera gel
1 1/2 -2 cups water - preferably green tea
1/2 tsp vinegar (apple cider / wine / malt- any non - synthetic vinegar is good)
1 tsp oil- olive/ coconut/almond or a mix of all three
2-3 drops essential oil of your choice - i would pick lavender , peppermint or even some jasmine

Boil water , let it cool. Boil it again (this is to kill all the germs that may reduce the life span of this gel). Once you take the water off the boil add 2 tsp of green tea leaves in it. Adding green tea will make this gel more nourishing.You wont just be styling your hair , but feeding it. (Think of the pennies saved , that you would spend on buying exotic green tea containing shampoo)
Take a bowl , add aloevera gel and 1 tsp oil and add the green tea slowly , ensuring that …

Hair styling DIY- For curly hair -

I am a self confessed DIY queen. Have trolled numerous blogs and used numerous ones I read. Now it only seems fair to share some of my own tips and tricks.

At the outset let me also tell you I have unruly , curly , frizzy and dry hair . So my hair tips should be followed with caution by those with oily hair or fine/ silky hair as they wont give such great results.

The first one was a bit of an accident. I always wondered what are curl activators, if I should use them. But then I thought of my curly hair , I always gave up my quest for these fancy products that seemed to be fairly expensive.

So here is my own concoction that lead to a curl activator
Dampen hair (preferably hair you washed a day before or even dirtier hair)
Mix some hair mousse (I used Schwarzkopf Taft Ultra Mousse) a coin sized amount will do with some conditioner (pea sized amount- I used Totally Twisted by Herbal essences, just to enhance the result).
You may add a drop of your favourite essential oil , sa…