The coral lipstick - a story in pictures

The two culprits were these lipsticks , lying unused in my drawer forever. One a nude pinky brown (cocoa creme by Lakme) the other a fiery orangey red (brick red by Revlon)

Then came the summer , and I had a massive crush on the coral colour everyone else was wearing. I didnt want to buy it just yet, thinking what if it is not my style, the trend just passes away in a week. So out came the colouring experiment. The culprits , some unused, some treasured (revlon colorburst -soft rose) for their cost and some used without a thought (VOV concealer). By the way the red feels lovely on lips, it is the superlustrous range of lipstick and the colour is so deep , that i wish orangey red lips become my fave look.. i look like a fanta ad with orange lips, so that is that..

They were brutally massacred at the altar of the coral crush , and here be the lipstick in their individual avatar and the fruit of their sacrifice.. From bottom to top, cocoa creme, brick red , soft rose(swiped twice), concealer and the corally colour. due to insane heat, the colours when swiped go a bit darker than usual. but soft rose was the only one that needed double swiping as it is a very very soft rose (true to its name, unlike shakespeare, whats in a name...)

the fruit with flash , the colour u see looking all muddled up is the coral i made.

To see how this colour looks when applied subtly see here and here is a bit more dramatic version of the same lippie


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