Hair styling DIY- For curly hair -

I am a self confessed DIY queen. Have trolled numerous blogs and used numerous ones I read. Now it only seems fair to share some of my own tips and tricks.

At the outset let me also tell you I have unruly , curly , frizzy and dry hair . So my hair tips should be followed with caution by those with oily hair or fine/ silky hair as they wont give such great results.

The first one was a bit of an accident. I always wondered what are curl activators, if I should use them. But then I thought of my curly hair , I always gave up my quest for these fancy products that seemed to be fairly expensive.

So here is my own concoction that lead to a curl activator
Dampen hair (preferably hair you washed a day before or even dirtier hair)
Mix some hair mousse (I used Schwarzkopf Taft Ultra Mousse) a coin sized amount will do with some conditioner (pea sized amount- I used Totally Twisted by Herbal essences, just to enhance the result).
You may add a drop of your favourite essential oil , say lavender , if you are going out on a special date , or just love to smell nice.
Rub this mixture through your hair , concentrating on your hair ends.
Twist your hair , or braid depending on the kind of curls/ waves you want . Secure with a rubber band and let it dry while you do your make up. Drying takes 5 to 10 mins.

A blast of hair dryer will certainly wow up the results. But if there is no time for that , just wear a shower cap, and cover with a scarf, body heat does wonders to hold a style too.

Once you are done with your makeup , undo your hair , do not comb through the freshly curled sections, unless you are looking to recreate the 80s. Leave them open or do a half pony , or whatever else catches your fancy.

I have tried this with a normal conditioner too (not meant for curly hair- say Loreal Repair 5 , Garnier Fructis) and it still works just as well.

The mousse provides hold , but curly and / or dry hair needs the conditioner to give it a nice shine , plus do some nourishment. My hair loved the added shine.. Let me know if your did.


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