Mera wala coral

I dont know how many of you remember this ad where a woman went in search of the perfect pink for her walls. I still remember the line 'Mera wala pink'. Colour is a bit like that. Many shades , hues , combinations later , you find your perfect shade and then you just want that and no other.

I cannot say I found a mera wala coral, but I came pretty close. Being the DIY addict that I am and wanting to find my own coral lipstick ,I began my experiment here are the details..

The pics will come soon...

I took a small glass jar, and broke an old lakme lipstick into it, that was called cocoa bloom , to give my coral lipstick some form of base , I figured just orange -red and pink would do me no good.

The brown lipstick was lying unused as it was too dull , and the finish was no good.
Then I added a 1/2 pea sized amount of concealer, followed by a revlon orange red lipstick in superlustrous called brick red (this is lovely colour by itself , nice orangey red , great for a crazy night out or for staining your lips, its just such a strong colour that after numerous stains the lipstick was still almost unused.) . Since the colour was as strong as it was I added only a pea sized amount of it.

Then I sacrificed my precious revlon colorburst lipstick in soft rose, but only a little of it was sacrificed. This was about 1/2 pea sized, same as concealer.

Mashed these up in the jar using a tooth pick and immersed the glass bottle with its lid tightly screwed on in boiling hot water. A few minutes later , I scooped out the bottle , use the toothpick again to swirl the colours together.

Dipped the jar in hot water again. Took it out , gave it a final mix checking if any bits of colour are unmelted, if you find some , dip the jar in hot water again till the colour is well mixed without any bits of pure colour unmelted. Let the jar cool.

Since no oil , or wax has been added to this , it will colour like a lipstick only.

A couple of pointers and lessons learnt -

You may adjust the amount of pink and red according to your liking , skin colour , or just plain to match your outfit.
I add the concealer and brown lipstick as I have pigmented lips and dusky complexion. Both these additions help. Concealer acts to make the lipstick opaque. If you want a sheer effect, omit the concealer. The brown subdues the colour a bit to go with my dusky complexion.

PS - I love how vibrant colour look on dusky skin (my blog pic is proof enough), the only problem is they make me feel like i am out for a party and sometimes i want the option of being able to tone down the colour to look a little understated.

the result is a toned down brownish coral, that can be worn by itself , or if i want it to pop i use it with either a pink lipstick or a nice orangy red..


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