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Beauty trick a day- cheap fruit facial at home

Today is the second last day of the beauty trick a day challenge, the only day I didnt post was my birthday (27th April), and I should be excused and allowed to do a post on 1st May. After this beauty trick a day challenge, I will review beauty products I use, have used, what worked, what didnt, the way i am trying to finish what was not so fab (this i fear may be a long list).

But anyways here goes my entry for the day, it is a cheap mango facial at home. You might be wondering cheap and mango , cannot be true. Well here is how. I am only using mango peels that get left behind after eating. The mango pulp left behind on the peels suffices, but if you feel ugh about doing this , then just scoop out one teaspoon of mango pulp and keep. (even pulp of an over ripe area of a mango works well, in fact works better than the peel as it spreads easily)

What you need

Raw milk - 2 tblspoons
Cotton pads - 3-4
Mango peels - 1 mango (if using pulp then 1 tsp)
Warm water
Old towel

Splash some wa…

Beauty trick a day - lip balm

Lipbalms are universally the same, some wax and some oil. So technically there is nothing that is special in making a lip balm. However I will give you my recipe of it.

You will need

Beeswax- 1 teaspoon (+1/2 teaspoon if you want a waxy balm)
Cocoa Butter - 2 teaspoon
Olive oil- 2 tablespoon
Sunflower oil- 2 tablespoon
Almond oil - 1 teaspoon
Sesame oil - 1 teaspoon
Honey -1/2 teaspoon (for very dry lips)
Essential oil- 2-3 drops (Lavender, rose, orange , cinnamon are good bets)

In a microwave proof bowl heat the beeswax (you can do this over a bowl of hot water but beeswax takes a while to melt). Once the beeswax has melted add the cocoa butter. Cocoa butter will start melting in the heat of beeswax itself. Yet microwave the mixture for about 30 seconds, just so you can mix it in well. Now add the oils, mix well and microwave for about 20 seconds. C

Add honey and/or essential oil when the balm is beginning to solidify. If the need be , just hold the bowl containing the bal…

Beauty trick a day - lip scrub

Ever since I started blogging , I have been trying on lipsticks more often , for the blog, for wearing out to try a new look (again for the blog). I did notice my lips were drier than usual. And using a toothbrush on my lips sounded painful. So here is a simple and easy lipscrub.

Take one teaspoon of lipbalm in a small bowl. (Recipe for home made lipbalm will follow). Add 1/4th teaspoon of olive oil and 1/4 teaspoon honey. Melt the mixture by keeping this over a vessel containing boiling water, or microwave for no more than 20 seconds. If it has not melted by then, mix it well , let it rest for 30 seconds and then put in the microwave for another 20 seconds. Add some raw/ cane sugar (unprocessed sugar). You can buy a big packet of this sugar that is organically made, or just steal some brown / raw sugar sachets from a coffee shop. I stole mine from Aroma's. Mix well with the lipbalm.

Store in a small jar and use whenever your lips need some scrubbing.

How to use

Remove lips…

Beauty trick a day - Red lips a la Paris

I am a true , self confessed francophile. I love some of their food (a large part of it is too bland), fashion and makeup. Not to forget some lovely artists, musicians, writers.

Anyways without getting carried away, I also love the red lip look the way the french women wear it. It almost looks effortless, so here is me trying to do the red lip look.

Products used
Red lipstick (Spice red, revlon matte)
Concealer (VOV)
Compact (Chambor compact)

On eyes
Charcoal pencil

Since this look is going to be largely about bold red lips , that are matte without being too powdery, start with massaging lip balm in to your lips. Leave for 2- 3 mins and wipe off. Scrub your lips in case you have dry skin areas.

Dot concealer on your lips (if they are pigmented, if they have an even tone , you may skip this step). Blot with a tissue. Using a lip brush , fill your lips with a red lip colour. Let the lipstick set, and use a tissue to blot it. Then take a single sheet of tissue and dip your powder …

Beauty trick a day - summer night makeup

Going out on a summer evening is fun. But the makeup is a tough task. It is going to be a warm evening , often humid , so you want minimal makeup, yet it is night makeup. So cannot really do a day look. Also however much I love mattes and red, a deep matte red for summer evening seems a bit much. So here is the look.

I have kept the eye makeup the same as in the golden eyes tutorial. So here is the break down of the remaining look.

I primed my face using an oil free moisturiser. Followed it up with some concealer combined with the foundation in the problem areas. I dotted some peachy blush on my cheek bones and blended it upward and outward. I let it set. I lightly dusted some bronzing powder (since it is night makeup even shimmery bronzer would look nice, I have used a non shimmery one here)on my cheeks. (If you are going for a dewy look , you can dab your cheeks with cotton wool saturated with some toner, or some aloe gel. Check this post for details.)

On my lips I have used Nyx …

VOV concealer review

As Nivedita requested a concealer review, and since I could not come up with something innovative for the day here goes.

VOV Rose Lady Cover Foundation

What the site claims, (this is google translating korean to english)
Silky skin feel effect cover foundation as soon as you apply it. VOV rose lady cover foundation conceals skin trouble such as dark circles, blemishes, freckles and moles, while making your face look as if you are not wearing anything on your face. It covers the curves on your skin to make it look smooth and keeps your skin tone looking soft and powdery all day long.

My experience
While buying it seemed a perfect match to my mom’s skin and a shade or two lighter than my skin tone. It was originally bought for my mom who very soon realized something was wrong, she could not tell what exactly. So it came back to me with a thanks but no thanks. Bought it a while back , and then it was about 300 bucks or so. When you find the perfect shade that you looked high and l…

Beauty trick a day - Golden eyes

Today I will discuss my favourite eyeshadow look , which is a pale gold with some liner smudged into the gold. I really cannot get enough of this look. I use my peachy maybelline blush to keep the look as understated as possible.

Products used on eyes
Lotus herbals aloehydra (aloe vera gel)
Lotus herbals alphamoist (oil free moisturiser)
Maybelline powder blush in apricot flush
Lakme eye pencil in midnight black
Lakme gold/ copper eye pencil
concealer (VOV)
foundation (Revlon mineral mousse)
Chambor compact
Colorbar shimmer bar in bronze

I prepped my skin with more focus around the eye with some a drop of aloe gel combined with an oil free moisturiser (I use two drops of this mixture to cover my entire face, that is to say I use it very sparingly, dont want to overmoisturise now, do we.) This makes it easier for blending concealer as well as even while wiping the makeup off, you will notice the makeup is easier to remove with no tugging and pulling.

Dot concealer, and blend with y…

Beauty trick a day - 1930s makeup tutorial

Yesterday I discussed how I had done a 1930s style hairdo, I did some makeup to go with that hair do. However lest you be disappointed , I have taken liberties with certain holy grail items of the time. (say deep red lipstick). Here are the makeup results.

The breakdown of the look , mind you I used bare minimum products for this look. If you put in more effort you will get a better result. I will now list out all that I did and then give a list of what I skipped. I have also listed out things I would do to take this look from day unto night.

What I did -
I dotted my face with homemade tinted moisturiser cum face brightener, to keep the look fresh. Though technically I should have gone matte all the way , I kept some freshness in the look. If you want to get a matte effect , use foundation and follow up with a compact. I completely skipped powder.

I wanted a more dramatic blush , because if you look at any 1930s film actress, they have mascara on their lashes and oodles of blush o…

Beauty trick a day - 1930s hair tutorial

As Anamika suggested a tutorial , I thought wow that is surely something I have not done before in my beauty trick section. So here goes. This is a tutorial for the 1930s hair. It is best suited wavy to curly hair, cut in a bob , or uptill shoulder length. It helps if the hair near your face is shorter than the rest of the hair.

Ok so without further ado , here goes the tutorial. What you will need

A wide toothed comb
2 bob pins (may need larger ones if you have very thick hair)
A scrunchie / hair elastic
Hair butter - TBS Coconut Hair Shine
Hair dryer
Silk scarf

Comb damp hair with a wide toothed comb. Take a pea sized amount of the hair butter and apply through your hair, starting with the ends. Starting with ends will ensure that extra product will not be on your scalp area, and will ensure that your hair does not stick to your scalp or flatten due to greasiness.

Divide hair in an extreme side part and pin hair above the ears. Since my hair was cut shorter , I pinned a little be…

Beauty trick a day - multi tasking lipsticks

Strangely enough I have very few lipsticks, seems unbelievable since I have so many reds. But trust me I just have one pink (revlon) and I think I need to get some more..

I am giving a list of lipsticks I own (reds not included)

Maybelline Satin Chocolate Delight – Nude chocolate brown
Revlon Colorburst Soft Rose - Looks blueish pink on my skin
Bourjois – Noisette Irrationelle – Beige nude with shimmer

I swear by a nude lip liner to make the lipsticks stay on long, and swear by Nyx in soft brown. But any nude lip liner is a good investment as it can be layered under all your lippies. However I do not like to layer a nude lip liner under a red lip shade as it seems to lighten the colour a bit.

Here is how I get these to multitask (other than melting them for a new lipcolour ofcourse)

Nude look

Start with the nude lip liner. Fill in your lips , then I go over my lips with the Maybelline chocolate brown colour (it is the colour of cadbury bar) very lightly. I let it set , and blot. I …

Beauty trick a day - Curly hair styling

It is very difficult to get products for curly hair, and more often than not , all products give instructions for straight hair , not curly hair. I have recently discovered The Body Shop Hair butter - coconut oil hair shine, in all honesty I am tempted to try all their products. No kidding, especially the curl boosting spray and the hazelnut mousse. But any ways without getting carried away I will do a bit of a review of the product, how I use it and how it works.

Since I just spoke about how much I love the vintage flapper girl look , if you want curls like old hollywood actresses in a jiffy, like so

then here is how you can do it.

For this hairstyle your hair has to be either a bob or shoulder length, if it is longer than that , your results will vary. Anyways I think it is well worth a try. Wash your hair as usual, preferably do not use conditioner as you don't want to weigh your hair down or get it looking greasy. In all honesty the coconut oil hair shine does exactly that…

Easy chocolate pudding

6 slices bread (white)
2 eggs
7-8 tsps sugar
2.5 cups milk
5 tsp of curd/yoghurt
Butter for greasing (1 tblsp)
Chocolate sauce - 1/2 cup or 2 tbsp good quality cocoa

Take sugar in a bowl and break eggs into it one by one, stirring well as you add eggs. Add chocolate sauce and whisk well, slowly pour in milk taking care to see it mixes well and there are no lumps. Whisk curd separately to ensure there are no lumps, slowly add yoghurt to this mixture.

Slice the crust of the bread reserve for making bread crumbs. Cut each bread slice into bite sized pieces (4-6 bites make one slice of bread for me). Drop these pieces in the said chocolate mixture and leave it for 30 mins to an hour. The longer you leave it , the more the bread will soak up the chocolate flavour.

Grease the baking tray with 1 tblsp butter, and add the mixture. Bake in an oven that is preheated to 180C. (Preheat the oven with a bowl of water in it, for not more than 15 minutes). Bake this mixture for 30 minutes.

You m…

Beauty trick a day - My handbag staples

These are my handbag staples, and I have not included my lipsticks because that is a separate post in itself.

These products are, B & D cream blush in shade 01. It is not as soft and easy to blend as a Nyx blush , but is relatively cheap , about 520Rs for 14 gms of product. That is going to last me a life time. I sometimes just dab some gently into my lips to prep them. I think these are not so easy to get , but are surely worth hunting for. The blush blends nicely to give a dewy blushed look.

The Chambor compact powder. As an oily skin person. I must say this is truly effective. It lasts 5- 6 hours on any given day. More if the day is not as hot. I use this on regular basis, and save foundation for special occassions.

There is the Jordana blush in bronze. It does not have any shimmer and is perfect for day use, I use it over my blush to give me a healthy tanned look.

The next item is a concealer that does not do that much for me. It is VOV Rose lady concealer. Got it for my…

Beauty trick a day - Red lipstick 2

Since I love red lipsticks so much , I thought I should share my collection with all of you.

From top to bottom you can see, Revlon Super lustrous in Brick Red, L'Oreal Extreme Spice and Revlon Matte in Spice Red.

Here is how I use theses shades. I use brick red as a stain or a glossy lipbalm. If I prime my lips with foundation or concealer , brick red , looks like a orangey red. I simply love how it looks. Also being a revlon colour , it has lovely pigmentation. It is simply stunning.

On days I dont want to use a lipbrush to apply my home made coral, I just apply a layer of revlon colorburst in soft rose over my brick red. And voila you have a coral where you can decide if you want more red or more pink.

The L'oreal is more brownish and maroonish lipstick. It is very 1920s jazz age colour. I find this lipstick a little drying and a bit too dark to apply without a balm underneath. I apply this lipstick largely in the nights, for formal dos. I love the boldness of the c…

Beauty trick a day - red lipstick

Since I am a big fan of red lipstick and totally love it to death. I am going to do a post about different ways of wearing red lipstick.

All my fellow makeup lovers know only too well the looks we get when we wear red lipstick and go. It is certainly a bold colour and a colour that draws attention. But it is a colour that even without makeup can make you look gorgeous.
If you have pigmented upper lip area , apply concealer all around your mouth area and blend well. Red will draw attention to both the dark areas as well as the dullness issues that skin around the mouth faces often. Though I have pigmented lips area I have not used a concealer in these pics as you can tell by my visible dark circles and uneven pigmentation. There is almond oil on my lashes though , and I am loving it.

So here is my way of wearing it.

Subdued red
To wear a subdued version of the colour , wear it as a stain. Apply the colour with your fingers, literally massaging it into your lips. Blot , then reapply…

Beauty trick a day - Facemask Weekend special

Today I will share with you two face masks, one a traditional ayurvedic remedy for blackheads, open pores , oily skin (my skin description more or less)and one a rich luxurious dry fruit face mask cum scrub for dry skin (my mother's skin description). These packs are time consuming , but totally worth it for an at home weekend spa. They are all natural. If you want to make these packs for multiple uses, the ayurvedic pack can be stored for up to a week in the fridge. The luxurious dry fruit mask has to prepared differently to be stored in the recipe.

The ayurvedic pack is my DIY clean up at home. I will post on DIY clean up in detail.

For the ayurvedic mask you will need
Neem leaves (handful)
Tulsi leaves (handful)
Raktachandan (half teaspoon)
Multani mitti - two teaspoons

Grind neem and tulsi leaves in a mixer, add multani mitti and grind again to combine the mixture. Add some raktachandan (red sandalwood powder, easily available at most chemists, beauty stores, or try an…

Beauty trick a day - Interview makeup

Given that everyone (from Cosmo to Femina to beauty bloggers)keeps writing about appropriate clothes and makeup for an interview, here is my take on it.

Depending on what time of the day the interview is at , use a sunscreen or a regular moisturiser.If you need coverage mix some foundation with your moisturiser, dot over your face and blend. Gently dot some (cream preferably)blush on to your cheekbones and blend. Ensure that the blush doesn't have any shimmer whatsoever. An odd lighting arrangement may let your interviewer see the shimmer, and that is a total no no. Use a lipstick as blush if you have a tough time finding a good cream blush without shimmer.

Take some lipstick (use a plummy or pink shade, a red needs to be blended with great care, so stay away from it) on the back of your hand, preferably using a brush. Dip your index finger in some oil free lotion , and then dip into your lipstick to apply to a cream blush finish (i.e non oily, easy to blend into cheeks). Use a…

Beauty trick a day - Cheeks

Today I will share a very basic tip that I love using in the summers. This tip gives you a nice blush and tan combined. Here is what to do. After you are done with sunscreen, dot some cream blush (I used some Bharat and Doris cream blush, in a peachy pink shade review coming soon.) on the apples of your cheeks and blend well.
Take some non shimmery bronzer (I used jordana, if you are on a budget, this is the product for you. Will do a review soon.) and brush it over the blush. This will give you a healthy tanned look, not a muddy brown look.

There are two ways of making this tan look prettier, the easiest one is take some gel, plain aloe vera gel (the kind you get in jars in medical stores) is good, I used lotus herbals aloe gel for face. Take a pea sized amount, rub it in your palms,(if you are using plain aloe vera gel,add a drop of toner or water )and gently dab your cheeks with the palms of your hand. This gives a slight sheen to your cheeks, which is perfect for the summers.

Beauty trick a day - eyes

I am one of those who is not very good with my hands, and as a result eyeliners are a tough task for me, I always manage to draw zig zag lines as eyeliner. So here is a trick for a simple multitasking product, that doubles up as eyeliner, kohl, eyeshadow.

Its a simple charcoal pencil. Is easily available in stationary stores, art supply stores. So I will start with how to work the look, as eye liner, ideal for tightlining. Dip the charcoal pencil in a dash of water, if you are looking for a smudgy greyish look then you can use some almond or castor oil. In case you have sensitive eyes, take your eyedrops , use them to moisten the pointed end of the pencil. Use this in the inside of the eye on your upper eye lid as close to your lashes as possible. Charcoal actually gives you a grey colour on light application, and I must say I find it very flattering. It is also perfect for day time , when a black eye shadow is too dramatic.

To use it as an eyeshadow, prep your lids with some pri…

Beauty trick a day - Body scrub

So far I have largely discussed skincare, makeup , hair. Today I will share a body beautiful trick that I use. Given that it is summer and your skin is going to be on show for a while now here is a nice body scrub and I will give you an alternative for days you just don't have the time.

This scrub can be made as cheap or as expensive as you want, so I have made a note against expensive items that you can substitute.

One cup rice
10 - 15 almonds* (you can use bitter almonds that are a lot cheaper,or buy some broken ones)
Half cup flax seeds
One teaspoon turmeric
2 tablespoons fuller's earth (multani mitti)

Grind rice , almonds and flaxseeds together. Mix it well with turmeric and fuller's earth. Just mix this with water/ milk/ curd / rose water and apply. Leave it on for a few minutes (depending on the kind of time you have at hand), scrub in circular motion and wash it off.

This pack can made in a bigger quantity and stored for up to 3 months or so.

Almonds provide m…

Beauty trick a day - Hair 2

Since I have curly hair, I will today give another DIY recipe for curly hair. I am sure it works on straight hair too, but here is the recipe.

Take two tablespoons of flaxseeds, (alsi to your local grocery store,you can have them coarsely ground if you are in a bit of a rush, if you have time , you can use them whole)
Heat one teacup of water, when the water starts to boil , add the flaxseeds and reduce heat, keep stirring. Let this mixture come to boil. (If you want a very thick gel , then keep stirring this on low heat till the water is reduced to half the quantity)
Take it off the heat and quickly strain the mixture, once it cools and becomes a gel you will have a tough time removing the flaxseeds from the gel.

This mixture turns into a gel when cool. You can add half a teaspoon of olive oil to this if you are using this as a conditioner to be washed off.

If you are using this as a gel, you can just use it as it is. However this mixture needs refrigeration in Bbay heat and…

Beauty trick a day - Curly Hair

As you can see in my picture that I have curly wurly hair. And I have never straightened my hair, largely because of the crazy maintenance it involves, but also because when your roots begin to grow curly but hair ends remain straight. Any ways a major reason why I do not over style my hair is because it is super dry. My hair stylist told me that I have an oily scalp and dry hair. How is that possible I wonder. But the point is he is spot on about my hair.

My hair care regime involves a himalaya shampoo for normal hair (because the one for dry hair when used with conditioner gives me limp hair) and a conditioner. I am bit of a conditioner freak, that is to say I love buying conditioners and right now I have enough conditioner to last me 3- 4 years. But thats just me.

I have mixed conditioners to some lovely results and I will be sharing my hair conditioner mixing tricks with you guys today.

Being a curly haired girl , I was sick of conditioners promising me straight , sleek hai…

Long wear makeup

Here are pics of my makeup , which was minimal to begin with , I wanted a healthy flushed look. With a bright lippie, and a lightly applied mascara as my current almond oil treatment is doing wonders for my lashes.

In the testdriving DIY post I was wearing only almond oil on my lashes.

Here are my pics with mascara and home made tinted moisturiser cum highlighter. I came home at 2. 30 , after much eating, drinking and partying. I was happy with what was left of the makeup on my face. I just reapplied my lipstick (Revlon Colorburst Soft Rose). The home made one requires brush application and I had no patience for that . Here are the pics.

The most amazing thing is in certain lights colorburst soft rose looks too bright on me in others it looks like my lips but pinker. Unable to understand how the colour changes so much. In daylight on my bare skin , the colour pops. But that is for another time.

My mascara is maybelline express volume applied with a light hand, then further cleane…

Test driving my DIY

That is me with tinted moisturiser cum highlighter and my homemade coral lipstick.

I have also put on some blush , (Bharat and Doris shade no.1 - a peachy pinky shade) and some clear gloss by lakme. Here are some more pics with different light settings, the second one has a strong flash and tubelight on in the background.

Beauty trick a day - face 2

Since it is summer time and the dewy look is absolutely on top of everyone's charts I wanted to make something that would keep me dewy , glam all this while keeping my oil production factory of a skin in check.

Ok so here is what I wanted the product to do,
To provide minimal coverage
To check the oil production
To have a teeny amount of shimmer
To freshen up my skin

I had read numerous reviews of tinted moisturisers, but the high end ones that sounded promising were too expensive. Additionally I am on a self imposed challenge of not buying anything new till I finish my existing stock of makeup. (the reason you do not read about this challenge is I fear I am going to fail). So here is what I did. I wanted to try this on a very small batch of things, so the products I used would not get wasted in a no good experiment. But the experiment worked and how.

Here is what I used,
Revlon mineral foundation (this was my investment foundation bought for my wedding, a year ago and I love t…

Beauty trick a day - face

This challenge is tougher than I thought, cannot come up with a new thing every day. So here is a tip. As most people reading my blog know that I have horribly oily skin, this trick is for all the lovely oilies out there.

Somewhere between putting my sunscreen and leaving the house my face becomes very oily. Wearing foundation in Bombay heat doesnt really make sense to me, and I generally get scared of my foundation running with some sweat. So what does one do. Powder. Every girl with oily skin is guilty of overpowdering at some point of time or the other because we are simply scared of the oil glands being in overdrive on that particular day. While I often favour the matte look, there are days when I want to look dewy. And this is what I do.

Once I am out of a bath , I run a ice cube over my face for about a minute or two. This closes the pores and cools my skin. I have noticed that on days I rub a ice cube on my face my skin looks fresher even towards the end of the day. I then app…

Whats cooking

Currently making bread and butter pudding, and baked vegetables in olive oil.

Recipe coming soon....

Beauty trick a day - eyes - part 2

As I mentioned earlier I am a kajal person and have some fascination with eyes. But the trick I am sharing with you is not for the day if you are trying it for the first time. Do it in the night before you sleep for best results and lesser anxiety.I am not someone who uses a lot of eye makeup. As a matter of fact I need to buy eyeshadows ,dont own a single one. Often I double up my bronzer (from Jordana) as an eyeshadow and on regular workdays it is just some compact powder. I also use my shimmery lipsticks to brighten my eyes.

Without further ado, here is the trick. Take some honey in a small plate , just 2 to 3 drops. Using your little finger apply this honey to your lower and upper lash line. Blink for a few moments. This is probably going to burn a bit. Your eyes will water. But just go to sleep with the honey on. If you feel this is getting a bit too much , wash your eyes, dab dry and sleep. I prefer sleeping with the honey on. In the morning you will wake up to more refresh…

Beauty trick a day - eyes

So today I want to set my self a challenge, I started this beauty blog with this earnest desire of documenting numerous beauty tricks , tips , product reviews (my own and those I read elsewhere). The challenge is a rather simple one (or looks simple anyways). I have to write a post a day. About anything I did to mix up my beauty routine.

Here is my post for the day. So I had to go somewhere , and as usual I had forgotten the numerous nightly beauty regime I promise my self. I have horrid under eye circles, and I have spurts of trying to get rid of them and then spurts of not bothering about them. But today morning I felt horribly guilty about not doing anything about them.

This is what I did , I took some almond oil and applied it to my eye area starting from my eyebrows to the eye socket to the under eye circles. I massaged it for two minutes and rushed through my morning bath. I realised only about an hour later my eye lashes were looking glossy and nice. It was as if I had put on…