Beauty trick a day - 1930s hair tutorial

As Anamika suggested a tutorial , I thought wow that is surely something I have not done before in my beauty trick section. So here goes. This is a tutorial for the 1930s hair. It is best suited wavy to curly hair, cut in a bob , or uptill shoulder length. It helps if the hair near your face is shorter than the rest of the hair.

Ok so without further ado , here goes the tutorial. What you will need

A wide toothed comb
2 bob pins (may need larger ones if you have very thick hair)
A scrunchie / hair elastic
Hair butter - TBS Coconut Hair Shine
Hair dryer
Silk scarf

Comb damp hair with a wide toothed comb. Take a pea sized amount of the hair butter and apply through your hair, starting with the ends. Starting with ends will ensure that extra product will not be on your scalp area, and will ensure that your hair does not stick to your scalp or flatten due to greasiness.

Divide hair in an extreme side part and pin hair above the ears. Since my hair was cut shorter , I pinned a little before my ear.

Now take the remaining hair from and twist it in a little bun.

Blast some heat on the bun from all the sides. Also blow dry the front section of the parting. Do not undo the sections. Just use some heat so that it will retain the style. Use the silk scarf to cover your entire hair and tie it up under your chin, this will ensure that heat stays and you can get ready while your hair do retains the heat without being fried.

Now undo all the bobby pins and the bun. Flip your head upside down and use your fingers to massage your roots. If your hair is not unruly, all you need to do is tuck your hair (according to the parting) behind your ear. Since my hair is unruly, I took a front section of my side parting (the heavier/ thicker side), twisted it at the ends and used a bob pin to secure it over my ears.Using bob pins around the ear area makes it easy to conceal them using your hair.

Some of the finished results. I also tried to do old worldish makeup, will do a tutorial on the makeup. But here is the final result of hair and makeup both.


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