Beauty trick a day - 1930s makeup tutorial

Yesterday I discussed how I had done a 1930s style hairdo, I did some makeup to go with that hair do. However lest you be disappointed , I have taken liberties with certain holy grail items of the time. (say deep red lipstick). Here are the makeup results.

The breakdown of the look , mind you I used bare minimum products for this look. If you put in more effort you will get a better result. I will now list out all that I did and then give a list of what I skipped. I have also listed out things I would do to take this look from day unto night.

What I did -
I dotted my face with homemade tinted moisturiser cum face brightener, to keep the look fresh. Though technically I should have gone matte all the way , I kept some freshness in the look. If you want to get a matte effect , use foundation and follow up with a compact. I completely skipped powder.

I wanted a more dramatic blush , because if you look at any 1930s film actress, they have mascara on their lashes and oodles of blush on their cheeks. I used a combination of two lipsticks to give me a deep toned blush. I used a red brown shade (L'oreal extreme spice) and since I wanted the look to be day friendly, I used some pink (Revlon color burst soft rose). If you are doing this for a night time look , you can use a brighter pink or red on your cheeks. I would have used a colour like revlon spice red to add the pizzazz.

I skipped eye makeup because I was in a bit of a hurry to get done with the makeup. But I would have used some concealer for under eye circles, and applied a pale shimmery eyeshadow (i would prefer a pale gold for the night). If I was to use this look for the day, I would skip eye shadow, just dab some compact on my lids, draw a thin line in soft brown close to my lashes. Use some brown or clear mascara. (tightlining is optional).

The way I kept the look a little dated was by using the same hue on cheeks and lips. I created a base by using some red brown lipstick and added a touch of pink using soft rose. If I was doing this for the night , I would layer on a deeper red in matte texture, say spice red.


  1. First time to your blog. You have a great space here.

    And thanks for stopping by! I've added the caramel sauce recipe for you :)

  2. hey thank you simran , btw i have been an avid reader of your blog for a long time, but more the invisible variety. i think your recipe is going to help. i just saw the recipe. i dream of writing a food blog too.. lets see.


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