Beauty trick a day - Body scrub

So far I have largely discussed skincare, makeup , hair. Today I will share a body beautiful trick that I use. Given that it is summer and your skin is going to be on show for a while now here is a nice body scrub and I will give you an alternative for days you just don't have the time.

This scrub can be made as cheap or as expensive as you want, so I have made a note against expensive items that you can substitute.

One cup rice
10 - 15 almonds* (you can use bitter almonds that are a lot cheaper,or buy some broken ones)
Half cup flax seeds
One teaspoon turmeric
2 tablespoons fuller's earth (multani mitti)

Grind rice , almonds and flaxseeds together. Mix it well with turmeric and fuller's earth. Just mix this with water/ milk/ curd / rose water and apply. Leave it on for a few minutes (depending on the kind of time you have at hand), scrub in circular motion and wash it off.

This pack can made in a bigger quantity and stored for up to 3 months or so.

Almonds provide moisturising properties as well as mild bleaching and skin lightening. If you do not want to use almonds at all , there are many alternatives, you can use some potato juice while mixing the pack or even some curd. You can also use the water that accumulates around the curd set at home for mixing this pack.

How the ingredients work,
Rice is great to remove blackheads, pore impurities.
Turmeric is an antiseptic and bleaches hair a very mild golden when used with curd, potato juice or almonds.
Flaxseeds are rich in oil and nutrients , so they provide moisture and nourishment. They will ensure your skin does not feel stretched and dry after the mask.
Gramflour the indian beauty remedy staple, again exfoliates well, nourishes skin and provides a gentler/ smoother base to rice which even when powdered has some granules in it.
Fullers earth serves to draw out excess oil.

PS - In case any of you want to make this scrub more expensive than it is , you can add a handful of walnuts to the pack.

If your skin is dry you can mix this with milk cream. If your skin is normal then plain milk , curd will do. If you have oily skin , then even plain water is a good mix for this, you may add a few drops of lemon juice to this mix, but dont add too much of it as acid in lemon juice may irritate freshly scrubbed skin.

Now for the quick body scrub, take 3 -4 drops of your shower gel , add 2 tsp of sugar (granulated), and half a teaspoon of oil/glycerine. Mix this well and scrub with this (i.e minus the loofah) and wash off as usual.


  1. Hey! :)I was surfing 'just like that' and ended up on your blog :) Must say, its lovely :) Felt homely for unknown reasons <3 You are very pretty! :) Keep up the good work :)

  2. hey thanks.. thanks so much more for feeling homely.. sure will..


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