Beauty trick a day- cheap fruit facial at home

Today is the second last day of the beauty trick a day challenge, the only day I didnt post was my birthday (27th April), and I should be excused and allowed to do a post on 1st May. After this beauty trick a day challenge, I will review beauty products I use, have used, what worked, what didnt, the way i am trying to finish what was not so fab (this i fear may be a long list).

But anyways here goes my entry for the day, it is a cheap mango facial at home. You might be wondering cheap and mango , cannot be true. Well here is how. I am only using mango peels that get left behind after eating. The mango pulp left behind on the peels suffices, but if you feel ugh about doing this , then just scoop out one teaspoon of mango pulp and keep. (even pulp of an over ripe area of a mango works well, in fact works better than the peel as it spreads easily)

What you need

Raw milk - 2 tblspoons
Cotton pads - 3-4
Mango peels - 1 mango (if using pulp then 1 tsp)
Warm water
Old towel

Splash some water on your face, wipe dry. Now apply milk to your face and neck. Massage well. Leave for 2-3 minutes. Wipe it off with a cotton pad soaked in warm water. Ensure that when you wipe off the last cotton pad , no dirt should come on to the cotton pad. This is one way of making sure your skin is thoroughly clean. If you feel your skin still needs some more cleansing. Splash face with some warm water (or steam your face for not more than 2 mins). Apply some more raw milk across your face and neck. Leave for 5 mins and then start taking it off with cotton pads. Splash face with warm water. Dab gently. Now take the mango peels and use the peels to massage the pulp remaining on the mango skin on your face and neck. Basically the idea is to let it form a very thin layer. Because this pack is all natural , you can even use some pulp on your under eye area, just ensure you do not apply too much pressure there.

Leave the mask on for 15- 20 mins, wash off with warm water. Wipe dry. Immediately after the mask is removed you will feel your skin has yellowish tinge, do not worry this tinge will go in 5- 10 mins. Do not use soap on your face after this mask.

Mangoes are rich in vitamins A (main component of retinol creams) and have a lovely effect on skin. If you have dry skin you can use milk cream and follow the rest of the steps as usual.


  1. i do fruits facial infact nowadays i am just loving fruit packs..i am going to try this and let u know how it turns out on me :)

  2. sure do, would be great to know how some home remedies work across skin types. btw it is impossible to not feel like eating more mangoes with mangoey smell coming from your skin.

  3. Your blog is awesome and you have so many homemade beauty remedies! love it.

    By the way, thanks for the almond oil and aloe vera gel trick. I will surely try it.

  4. thanks so much , by the way in case you do not get aloe vera gel, i find almond oil works well too.. i have used just the oil in some of my natural face tutorials on this blog


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