Beauty trick a day - Cheeks

Today I will share a very basic tip that I love using in the summers. This tip gives you a nice blush and tan combined. Here is what to do. After you are done with sunscreen, dot some cream blush (I used some Bharat and Doris cream blush, in a peachy pink shade review coming soon.) on the apples of your cheeks and blend well.
Take some non shimmery bronzer (I used jordana, if you are on a budget, this is the product for you. Will do a review soon.) and brush it over the blush. This will give you a healthy tanned look, not a muddy brown look.

There are two ways of making this tan look prettier, the easiest one is take some gel, plain aloe vera gel (the kind you get in jars in medical stores) is good, I used lotus herbals aloe gel for face. Take a pea sized amount, rub it in your palms,(if you are using plain aloe vera gel,add a drop of toner or water )and gently dab your cheeks with the palms of your hand. This gives a slight sheen to your cheeks, which is perfect for the summers.

The other is to simply take some toner, and dab some cotton wool soaked in toner over your cheeks. This too takes away the powderiness of the bronzer giving it a natural look.

I prefer to use bronzer like this instead of contouring with it for a couple of reasons, I am not so skilled with my hands, and contouring with hands that lack skill is a recipe for disaster. Also in day light , even skilfully done contouring is clearly visible in bright light. As a photography student let me tell you , that flat light, i.e daylight , often tubelight , lights up without creating any shadows. Contouring is basically about faking shadows where there are none. In a flat light , the effort is clear. Often a camera that takes a unidimensional image can catch the contouring effort in flat light too, but to a naked eye , it is only too visible. So that is my photographer turned makeup fanatic take on contouring.

If you are skilful with your hands contour for night time dos or if you are sure wherever you are going has dim (preferably yellow light). Try taking pictures of contoured looks in different lights to see what I mean.


  1. hey can u post a review on jordana bronzer...

  2. sure rentu. btw just did a shimmer bar review..


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