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As you can see in my picture that I have curly wurly hair. And I have never straightened my hair, largely because of the crazy maintenance it involves, but also because when your roots begin to grow curly but hair ends remain straight. Any ways a major reason why I do not over style my hair is because it is super dry. My hair stylist told me that I have an oily scalp and dry hair. How is that possible I wonder. But the point is he is spot on about my hair.

My hair care regime involves a himalaya shampoo for normal hair (because the one for dry hair when used with conditioner gives me limp hair) and a conditioner. I am bit of a conditioner freak, that is to say I love buying conditioners and right now I have enough conditioner to last me 3- 4 years. But thats just me.

I have mixed conditioners to some lovely results and I will be sharing my hair conditioner mixing tricks with you guys today.

Being a curly haired girl , I was sick of conditioners promising me straight , sleek hair. And conditioners for curly hair say by Bedhead, Schwarzkopf etc seemed too expensive. So I looked at the conditioners used by afro american beauty bloggers, literally researched their technique to come up with something for Indian curly hair.

So here it is , a conditioner for curly hair largely has chemicals that give you a slight stiffness. Herbal essences totally twisted conditioner, gave me curls and a tad bit of stiffness. It was a bit off . But it was a huge bottle and I was not going to throw it out. So here is what I did.

I took the Herbal essences totally twisted conditioner, 3 teaspoonfuls of it. Subdued it by mixing in a normal conditioner, I used L'oreal total damage repair 5, about one teaspoon and mixed these in well. Then I added one teaspoon of honey and 10 drops of jojoba oil and mixed it together. I had a deep conditioning treatment that made my curls pop and made my hair look glossy.

How and why does this work. Honey is a humectant and seals the moisture in your hair, any curly haired girl will tell you what havoc moisture can play on her hair. Curls need moisture , but for them to look all glam they need the gloss and dry hair cannot be glossy. That is where the jojoba oil comes in. It is a thick waxy oil that imparts gloss without the oily sticky feel. It helps the smoothening action of honey to stay longer.

Now given that jojoba and honey seemingly do all the work why do you need conditioner at all. Well you need something that is easier to wash off. If you have the time then I recommend a treatment of warm oil (any oil will do since you will shampoo it off) mixed with honey and applied on damp hair. Wear a shower cap to let the body warmth help in penetration. But you will have to shampoo this off ,as it will give you a greasy look. You may skip conditioning if this was your prewash treatment. Enjoy being curly.

Another beauty treatment in a jiffy if you have curly hair is , dampen your hair, take 3 -4 drops of jojoba oil , warm it up in your hands (just rub your hands together, the idea is to let it give your hair a shine , not oiling your hair) and apply it to hair in sections, starting from the ends and moving upwards. Tie up your hair. When you undo your hair , you will have nice moisturised scrunch.

If you have some more time, blast some heat (at a medium setting) by using a blow dryer on your tied up hair. This is damp bunning with some gloss..

If you are a curly girl , do check this out.


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