Beauty trick a day - eyes - part 2

As I mentioned earlier I am a kajal person and have some fascination with eyes. But the trick I am sharing with you is not for the day if you are trying it for the first time. Do it in the night before you sleep for best results and lesser anxiety.I am not someone who uses a lot of eye makeup. As a matter of fact I need to buy eyeshadows ,dont own a single one. Often I double up my bronzer (from Jordana) as an eyeshadow and on regular workdays it is just some compact powder. I also use my shimmery lipsticks to brighten my eyes.

Without further ado, here is the trick. Take some honey in a small plate , just 2 to 3 drops. Using your little finger apply this honey to your lower and upper lash line. Blink for a few moments. This is probably going to burn a bit. Your eyes will water. But just go to sleep with the honey on. If you feel this is getting a bit too much , wash your eyes, dab dry and sleep. I prefer sleeping with the honey on. In the morning you will wake up to more refreshed , cleaner eyes.

This is a home remedy that I have been doing forever. Everytime my eyes itched or watered. My mother promptly put honey in my eyes. Honey is said to cleanse your eyes, take away all the impurities . The logic behind this is simple , honey moisturises as it is a humectant (i.e attracts moisture), we moisturise our face , but moisturising eyes, unheard of right. Dryness irritates eyes, so we use lubricants like almond oil, castor oil etc. But honey gives moisture as well as kills germs (ever heard of honey getting spoilt or catching fungus. Same funda)

I dont know how many of you remember Jivdaya Netraprabha , this eye medicine was made up of honey , with camphor etc.


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