Beauty trick a day - eyes

So today I want to set my self a challenge, I started this beauty blog with this earnest desire of documenting numerous beauty tricks , tips , product reviews (my own and those I read elsewhere). The challenge is a rather simple one (or looks simple anyways). I have to write a post a day. About anything I did to mix up my beauty routine.

Here is my post for the day. So I had to go somewhere , and as usual I had forgotten the numerous nightly beauty regime I promise my self. I have horrid under eye circles, and I have spurts of trying to get rid of them and then spurts of not bothering about them. But today morning I felt horribly guilty about not doing anything about them.

This is what I did , I took some almond oil and applied it to my eye area starting from my eyebrows to the eye socket to the under eye circles. I massaged it for two minutes and rushed through my morning bath. I realised only about an hour later my eye lashes were looking glossy and nice. It was as if I had put on a clear mascara. In the morning rush I even forgot my kajal (which by the way is such a staple item for me that I have to make a firm resolve for a few days every year to keep my eyes free of kajal .. more on that in another post). My eyes continued looking a lot more awake than they do. I didnt have any of the kajal smudging worries and I just looked a lot fresher.


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