Beauty trick a day - eyes

I am one of those who is not very good with my hands, and as a result eyeliners are a tough task for me, I always manage to draw zig zag lines as eyeliner. So here is a trick for a simple multitasking product, that doubles up as eyeliner, kohl, eyeshadow.

Its a simple charcoal pencil. Is easily available in stationary stores, art supply stores. So I will start with how to work the look, as eye liner, ideal for tightlining. Dip the charcoal pencil in a dash of water, if you are looking for a smudgy greyish look then you can use some almond or castor oil. In case you have sensitive eyes, take your eyedrops , use them to moisten the pointed end of the pencil. Use this in the inside of the eye on your upper eye lid as close to your lashes as possible. Charcoal actually gives you a grey colour on light application, and I must say I find it very flattering. It is also perfect for day time , when a black eye shadow is too dramatic.

To use it as an eyeshadow, prep your lids with some primer , even concealer or foundation mixed with some eye cream and applied lightly will do. Dip the charcoal pencil's sharpened end in water. Once the primer sets, rub some pencil along your crease, and blend using a brush or fingers. This will give you a light grey eyeshadow look. For a darker look , dip the pencil in water for longer.

Here is my pic with the charcoal pencil used as an eyeshadow and for tightlining, I used my revlon mineral foundation over my eye lids as a primer,

The great thing about a charcoal pencil is , it dries to a matte finish , and often has a dull grey look to it, which is great if you need something on your eyes for the day, but want to tone it down. You can use heavier application of charcoal and dust some gold shimmer on it for a rocking night look.

On my lips the home made coral lippie, used as a stain , i.e blotted till it looks like nothing is on . But in real life my lips are pigmented and dont look so even toned.


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