Beauty trick a day - face 2

Since it is summer time and the dewy look is absolutely on top of everyone's charts I wanted to make something that would keep me dewy , glam all this while keeping my oil production factory of a skin in check.

Ok so here is what I wanted the product to do,
To provide minimal coverage
To check the oil production
To have a teeny amount of shimmer
To freshen up my skin

I had read numerous reviews of tinted moisturisers, but the high end ones that sounded promising were too expensive. Additionally I am on a self imposed challenge of not buying anything new till I finish my existing stock of makeup. (the reason you do not read about this challenge is I fear I am going to fail). So here is what I did. I wanted to try this on a very small batch of things, so the products I used would not get wasted in a no good experiment. But the experiment worked and how.

Here is what I used,
Revlon mineral foundation (this was my investment foundation bought for my wedding, a year ago and I love this and use it too sparingly so it is still only halway over)
Lotus herbals Alphamoist
Lacto Calamine (the one with aloe)
Maybelline powder blush in apricot (this one is cracked up so bad, that I have to open and close it carefully)
Lakme cheek tint from bridal sutra collection - this was an afterthought but it worked for me.
Small jar (you can even use a small vaseline jar, the one that you get for 5 rs)

Take some foundation , since foundations are the thickest of the ingredients in our list , we will first try mixing them well. The amount of foundation you add will directly impact your coverage and the lightness of the final result. I recommend a pea sized amount, but the beauty of DIY is to customise things to fit your needs. Add a pinch of the blush (if you happen to own loose shimmer powder, you can add that instead.) My blush was so badly broken that I used my brush to get fine dust from small pieces and added this powder. Mix the powder with the foundation well. Then add some oil free moisturiser. Blending with each addition. I added about three to four squirts of this , and mixed it in with each squirt. I prefer using a brush to mix this up and have bought a spare lip brush that can be used for mixing purposes.

Now add calamine to this mixture. Calamine is very useful in keeping your oil production in check. It does have a slight talcum like texture, but that is exactly why we use a moisturiser to dilute the calamine. I added about two capfuls (one teaspoon) of calamine. Now you mix this together. Since the foundation has already been thinned mixing the calamine is a breeze.

When I swatched some of this product , I thought I wanted it to have a slight pink tinge, to combat some yellowness that I have. So I added one drop of the cheek tint and mixed it in the mixture with the brush.

On an afterthought , you can add a drop of tea tree oil or lavender oil to this mix, to take care of acne or just relax you a bit more. I will let you know as and when I make this addition.

Totally love the challenge, it is making me try out new things and use up products in a way that I would not imagine.

Now if someone could tell me what to do with a wrong shade of concealer...


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