Beauty trick a day - face

This challenge is tougher than I thought, cannot come up with a new thing every day. So here is a tip. As most people reading my blog know that I have horribly oily skin, this trick is for all the lovely oilies out there.

Somewhere between putting my sunscreen and leaving the house my face becomes very oily. Wearing foundation in Bombay heat doesnt really make sense to me, and I generally get scared of my foundation running with some sweat. So what does one do. Powder. Every girl with oily skin is guilty of overpowdering at some point of time or the other because we are simply scared of the oil glands being in overdrive on that particular day. While I often favour the matte look, there are days when I want to look dewy. And this is what I do.

Once I am out of a bath , I run a ice cube over my face for about a minute or two. This closes the pores and cools my skin. I have noticed that on days I rub a ice cube on my face my skin looks fresher even towards the end of the day. I then apply my sunscreen, my compact powder (I know , sounds difficult to do dewy skin and use compact , but trust me this trick works). I give this about 5 minutes to set, meanwhile I do rest of the chores. I take some toner on a piece of cotton wool. It helps to store your toner in the fridge that way it will be cooler. And I dab my toner all over my face and neck with the cotton wool. Voila , I am done.

PS - I use a home made toner, which is nothing but 3 tablespoons of wine, in one teacup of plain water/ green tea, and a drop of rose oil. It is easy , cheap and I quite like this. In winter I add a few drops of almond oil and the toner is good to go. The only problem with the toner is it doesnt last for more than a month as it contains no chemicals. The wine does help keep it together for longer. But if you do make it at home, make it in a small batch. (no more than 2 teacups)

I would like to leave you guys with this quote from an all time beauty, Bette Davis.

Men become much more attractive when they start looking older. But it doesn't do much for women, though we do have an advantage: make-up.
Bette Davis


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