Beauty trick a day - Golden eyes

Today I will discuss my favourite eyeshadow look , which is a pale gold with some liner smudged into the gold. I really cannot get enough of this look. I use my peachy maybelline blush to keep the look as understated as possible.

Products used on eyes
Lotus herbals aloehydra (aloe vera gel)
Lotus herbals alphamoist (oil free moisturiser)
Maybelline powder blush in apricot flush
Lakme eye pencil in midnight black
Lakme gold/ copper eye pencil
concealer (VOV)
foundation (Revlon mineral mousse)
Chambor compact
Colorbar shimmer bar in bronze

I prepped my skin with more focus around the eye with some a drop of aloe gel combined with an oil free moisturiser (I use two drops of this mixture to cover my entire face, that is to say I use it very sparingly, dont want to overmoisturise now, do we.) This makes it easier for blending concealer as well as even while wiping the makeup off, you will notice the makeup is easier to remove with no tugging and pulling.

Dot concealer, and blend with your ring finger (index finger would be too much pressure on your eyes). If the need be dab a bit of foundation, I did, it took the cakeyness of my stupid VOV concealer away, it also made the area match better with the rest of the face. I dust off with a little powder.

And now begins the fun part. Use a pale gold eyeshadow as a colour wash over your lids. Slowly darken the colour at the outer edges. Now take a black eye pencil (the smudgy ones you do not use because they smudge are perfect for this look) and tightline your upper lashes. Draw a line close to the lashes and smudge it with the eyeshadow using an angular brush (if you have a smudging brush even better).

Now comb your eyebrows in upward strokes, to make the arch look more pronounced. Fill in with an eyebrow pencil if necessary. (Most indian girls have thick eyebrows, just set your eyebrows with a drop of aloe gel.) Dab some silver eyeshadow (I used the silver in the colorbar all purpose shimmer bar in bronze) under your arches to define them better. Dab some bronze eyeshadow and dust it around the outer corners of your eyes. Use an eyeshadow brush to blend the edges of the bronze into the gold. Use a gold or copper pencil to highlight inner corners of the eyes, drawing a 'V' at the inner corner of the eye. Always use a pencil to do this as using eyeshadow may cause some powder to go into your eyes.

Now you are completely done , use black mascara if you are going out partying. Use a clear mascara if the rest of your make up will not be subdued. I did not use a mascara because I wanted to do a strong cheeks look for another tutorial.


  1. Beautiful look. Could you review the VOV concealer please?

  2. thanks nivedita, will certainly do the review. was running out of ideas anyways.


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