Beauty trick a day - Interview makeup

Given that everyone (from Cosmo to Femina to beauty bloggers)keeps writing about appropriate clothes and makeup for an interview, here is my take on it.

Depending on what time of the day the interview is at , use a sunscreen or a regular moisturiser.If you need coverage mix some foundation with your moisturiser, dot over your face and blend. Gently dot some (cream preferably)blush on to your cheekbones and blend. Ensure that the blush doesn't have any shimmer whatsoever. An odd lighting arrangement may let your interviewer see the shimmer, and that is a total no no. Use a lipstick as blush if you have a tough time finding a good cream blush without shimmer.

Take some lipstick (use a plummy or pink shade, a red needs to be blended with great care, so stay away from it) on the back of your hand, preferably using a brush. Dip your index finger in some oil free lotion , and then dip into your lipstick to apply to a cream blush finish (i.e non oily, easy to blend into cheeks). Use a sponge to apply your compact powder. If you want a light coverage use a powder brush to apply makeup.

Use a nude lipliner (I use Nyx in soft brown, it is a total MLBB shade). And fill in with a soft matte lipstick in nude , soft brown or soft pink. Reds again are tough to carry, and amidst the tension of cracking the interview getting the red lipstick application right can be tricky. A matte lipstick gives a more official feeling. Stick to mattes if going to a more formal place, creamy lipsticks are great if your workplace is more relaxed. Gloss is a no no.

Ensure once you are done with lipstick, you clean up your errors and repowder the area. It is good to ensure your lipstick does not migrate out side your lip area. If you wear kajal, then ensure a light dusting of powder under your eyes. If your undereye area is particularly dry,apply concealer after your kajal application and / or eye makeup.

I use a darker compact shade on my lids, do not want to risk things with an eyeshadow that may pop out too much or make me look overdone.


  1. Nice tips. I so love red lipsticks you know

  2. o gosh , i know , i saw your blog pic and just knew you are a red lipstick fan. well so am i , big time. i keep waiting for reasons to wear red lippies. will do a post on lippies soon.


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