Beauty trick a day - lip scrub

Ever since I started blogging , I have been trying on lipsticks more often , for the blog, for wearing out to try a new look (again for the blog). I did notice my lips were drier than usual. And using a toothbrush on my lips sounded painful. So here is a simple and easy lipscrub.

Take one teaspoon of lipbalm in a small bowl. (Recipe for home made lipbalm will follow). Add 1/4th teaspoon of olive oil and 1/4 teaspoon honey. Melt the mixture by keeping this over a vessel containing boiling water, or microwave for no more than 20 seconds. If it has not melted by then, mix it well , let it rest for 30 seconds and then put in the microwave for another 20 seconds. Add some raw/ cane sugar (unprocessed sugar). You can buy a big packet of this sugar that is organically made, or just steal some brown / raw sugar sachets from a coffee shop. I stole mine from Aroma's. Mix well with the lipbalm.

Store in a small jar and use whenever your lips need some scrubbing.

How to use

Remove lipstick or any product you may have on your lips. Wash your lips with some warm water. Wipe them off. Take a little scrub , a little more than you would take to use as a lipbalm and massage it into your lips. Start scrubbing lips using the scrub. Let it sit. Then wipe off with a damp tissue.


  1. lovely blog honey..i'm following you..check out mine it'll be so sweet if you follow back thanks.

  2. This is a nice tip :) I too suffer from dry lips quite often, so this must help me <3 :)

  3. @rakhshanda thanks a lot, btw i have been a reader of your blog, stumbled across while looking for chambor reviews etc.but i thought you had shifted to wordpress or an independent site, and then the site wouldnt open. now i am following you indeed.

    @mithy do let me know how it works for you. honey is especially good for dry lips


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