Beauty trick a day - My handbag staples

These are my handbag staples, and I have not included my lipsticks because that is a separate post in itself.

These products are, B & D cream blush in shade 01. It is not as soft and easy to blend as a Nyx blush , but is relatively cheap , about 520Rs for 14 gms of product. That is going to last me a life time. I sometimes just dab some gently into my lips to prep them. I think these are not so easy to get , but are surely worth hunting for. The blush blends nicely to give a dewy blushed look.

The Chambor compact powder. As an oily skin person. I must say this is truly effective. It lasts 5- 6 hours on any given day. More if the day is not as hot. I use this on regular basis, and save foundation for special occassions.

There is the Jordana blush in bronze. It does not have any shimmer and is perfect for day use, I use it over my blush to give me a healthy tanned look.

The next item is a concealer that does not do that much for me. It is VOV Rose lady concealer. Got it for my mom, who is a few shades lighter, she does not use it , so she has dumped it on me. So far I use this as a primer, on my eyelids, around my lip area.

The other things you see here are , body shop lip balm containing SPF. I would wish it felt like all their lip butters or get lippy products, almost weightless , but it does feel like I have something on my lips. However till I find a better lipbalm with SPF i shall continue using this.

Hashmi Kajal is the blue bullet like tube, it is nice non smudgy kajal (vis a vis other kajals do not compare this to a eye pencil). And it costs around 40-45 Rs. Totally love this and would reccommend it to everyone I know.

The other pencil you see there is a charcoal pencil. On days I dont want the typical kohled look , yet need some help to look awake , I use my charcoal pencil. For how to do so , see this link.

In case you have missed my post on how to use a blusher and bronzer to fake the healthy tan, check it out here


  1. wow, I must read your blog more often and learn about makeup! Which otherwise seems like rocket science to me!

  2. varsha i totally loved your blog, i used to work in the field of medical ethics and i totally think you should compile your ethical dilemmas as case studies of sorts.


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