Beauty trick a day - Red lips a la Paris

I am a true , self confessed francophile. I love some of their food (a large part of it is too bland), fashion and makeup. Not to forget some lovely artists, musicians, writers.

Anyways without getting carried away, I also love the red lip look the way the french women wear it. It almost looks effortless, so here is me trying to do the red lip look.

Products used
Red lipstick (Spice red, revlon matte)
Concealer (VOV)
Compact (Chambor compact)

On eyes
Charcoal pencil

Since this look is going to be largely about bold red lips , that are matte without being too powdery, start with massaging lip balm in to your lips. Leave for 2- 3 mins and wipe off. Scrub your lips in case you have dry skin areas.

Dot concealer on your lips (if they are pigmented, if they have an even tone , you may skip this step). Blot with a tissue. Using a lip brush , fill your lips with a red lip colour. Let the lipstick set, and use a tissue to blot it. Then take a single sheet of tissue and dip your powder puff in your compact and go over your lip area, dabbing powder in the outer areas as well to prevent feathering.

Transclucent powder mattifies, but a compact subdues and mattifies at one go, and it also has a slightly vintage feel. I seriously recommend using your compact, also use a powder puff and not a brush.

Dab the area around your lips with cotton wool ball soaked in toner to take away any excess powder and give it a natural look.

Voila , you are done. If you want to add some more pizzazz to the look just go over your lip in the same lip colour. I noticed that when I applied my lipcolour this way , not only did it stay a long time, it looked very casual and day friendly. It didnt make me think why am I walking around in the hot sun with red lippie on. (it even survived a grilled sandwich).

The french look requires your entire look to be effortless. I completely skipped blush. On my eyes, I dabbed some concealer mixed with moisturiser. I then went over my eyes with a charcoal pencil that was softened using a drop of olive oil. You can also use those smudgy kajal pencils for this. Just draw a thin line on your upper lid and using a q tip or your ring finger smudge it. It should give your eyes a definition without looking like you lined your eyes.

If you must use a foundation , use a tinted moisturiser instead and use a cream blush so that you look dewy. The look works well even without blush.
Also to ready the look for a night out , do use a mascara.

This is the final result, the flash sort of created a strange effect. But nonetheless.

If you like this look , check out this article, on french beauty


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