Beauty trick a day - Red lipstick 2

Since I love red lipsticks so much , I thought I should share my collection with all of you.

From top to bottom you can see, Revlon Super lustrous in Brick Red, L'Oreal Extreme Spice and Revlon Matte in Spice Red.

Here is how I use theses shades. I use brick red as a stain or a glossy lipbalm. If I prime my lips with foundation or concealer , brick red , looks like a orangey red. I simply love how it looks. Also being a revlon colour , it has lovely pigmentation. It is simply stunning.

On days I dont want to use a lipbrush to apply my home made coral, I just apply a layer of revlon colorburst in soft rose over my brick red. And voila you have a coral where you can decide if you want more red or more pink.

The L'oreal is more brownish and maroonish lipstick. It is very 1920s jazz age colour. I find this lipstick a little drying and a bit too dark to apply without a balm underneath. I apply this lipstick largely in the nights, for formal dos. I love the boldness of the colour, though it is not as spunky as the revlon one. But some ways of wearing this lipstick (other than the much discussed stained method)are, dot this lipstick on your lips and dot some warm toned red (I used brick red) for a deep red that pops. I love using this lipstick as a blush , I take some colour on my fingertip rub it with other finger tip till the colour is evenly distributed, then I dab the colour onto my cheeks.Again this is more a night time blush, and looks gorgeous with some shimmer on it.

The Revlon matte in spicy red, unlike its name is seemingly a cooler toned red as compared to the other two colours. It is the perfect red lipstick, looks stunning with pearls. Being a matte formulation stays on long and does not budge. No unsightly lipstick marks on the glass. It is more 1950s. However it serves as a good base to pink lipstick, making them look more brighter and raspberry toned. I stain my lips with this colour and then follow up with a pink lippie. I have used it as a blush , but I have to use it very sparingly because the colour if used generously will give you the clown effect in no time. I take the colour on the back of my hand, take a drop of oil free moisturiser and apply this as a liquid blush. This ensures that I do not go overboard with colour and the blush also has a slight sheen.


  1. I loved L'Oreal Extreme Spice ....... never wore... a red lippie dnt knw if I ever will but... YES I CAN YES I CAN... :P

  2. HI5!! I also so love reds. The colors you got are excellent!!

  3. @ Rashmi - Yes the spice is so vintage without being maroon and aunty like. Do try wearing a red lippie its fun.

    @Nivedita - Thanks a lot, i love the red in your profile pic, it pops and how..


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