Beauty trick a day - red lipstick

Since I am a big fan of red lipstick and totally love it to death. I am going to do a post about different ways of wearing red lipstick.

All my fellow makeup lovers know only too well the looks we get when we wear red lipstick and go. It is certainly a bold colour and a colour that draws attention. But it is a colour that even without makeup can make you look gorgeous.
If you have pigmented upper lip area , apply concealer all around your mouth area and blend well. Red will draw attention to both the dark areas as well as the dullness issues that skin around the mouth faces often. Though I have pigmented lips area I have not used a concealer in these pics as you can tell by my visible dark circles and uneven pigmentation. There is almond oil on my lashes though , and I am loving it.

So here is my way of wearing it.

Subdued red
To wear a subdued version of the colour , wear it as a stain. Apply the colour with your fingers, literally massaging it into your lips. Blot , then reapply with fingers if you want to darken the colour. You can top this with a lipbalm or gloss. Or leave it as it is.

Another way of subduing red is to use a concealer underneath. Apply concealer around your mouth area , and dab it in a little heavily on your lips, once the concealer sets, apply lipstick carefully with a brush. If you use a yellow based red , with a yellow based concealer, you will get orangey red lips.

Loud and Proud

If you want red for the pow wow effect it gives, I totally recommend choosing a matte over sheen. Matte just gives a lovely deep pigmentation and if you want sheen , just apply some lipbalm in the centre of your lips using a lip brush.

Another way to amplify red , is to wear a dark shade beneath it, be it a brown, or a deep plum. It immediately transforms a regular red into a more jazz age , flapper girl kind of look. (Check out my current profile pic)

Sheer red

Though it is easy to wear a red and sheer it out with lip balm. I will give you a simple way of making it at home. Just take a pea sized amount of lipstick and 1/4th teaspoon of lipbalm (recipe of homemade lipbalm coming soon) melt these in the microwave for 10- 20 seconds, stir with a toothpick or q tip. Heat again for 10 seconds if the need be. Store in a jar. You can add a little bit of concealer (not more than 1/4th the amount of lipstick, unless you want a nude shade on hands) to this mixture if you want it to be opaque enough to hide the pigmentation of your lips. Who knows you may invent a new shade altogether.


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