Long wear makeup

Here are pics of my makeup , which was minimal to begin with , I wanted a healthy flushed look. With a bright lippie, and a lightly applied mascara as my current almond oil treatment is doing wonders for my lashes.

In the testdriving DIY post I was wearing only almond oil on my lashes.

Here are my pics with mascara and home made tinted moisturiser cum highlighter. I came home at 2. 30 , after much eating, drinking and partying. I was happy with what was left of the makeup on my face. I just reapplied my lipstick (Revlon Colorburst Soft Rose). The home made one requires brush application and I had no patience for that . Here are the pics.

The most amazing thing is in certain lights colorburst soft rose looks too bright on me in others it looks like my lips but pinker. Unable to understand how the colour changes so much. In daylight on my bare skin , the colour pops. But that is for another time.

My mascara is maybelline express volume applied with a light hand, then further cleaned up by combing through my lashes and removing excess mascara, making the look lighter and less dramatic. I have a fear of looking like a doll with blush ,pink lipstick and mascara.

Tomorrow's beauty trick will be about how to get your night mascara to multi task.


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