VOV concealer review

As Nivedita requested a concealer review, and since I could not come up with something innovative for the day here goes.

VOV Rose Lady Cover Foundation

What the site claims, (this is google translating korean to english)
Silky skin feel effect cover foundation as soon as you apply it. VOV rose lady cover foundation conceals skin trouble such as dark circles, blemishes, freckles and moles, while making your face look as if you are not wearing anything on your face. It covers the curves on your skin to make it look smooth and keeps your skin tone looking soft and powdery all day long.

My experience
While buying it seemed a perfect match to my mom’s skin and a shade or two lighter than my skin tone. It was originally bought for my mom who very soon realized something was wrong, she could not tell what exactly. So it came back to me with a thanks but no thanks. Bought it a while back , and then it was about 300 bucks or so. When you find the perfect shade that you looked high and low for , that too cheap , you are going to buy it. Technically I should not complain, but I have some valid reasons. But here is the review

The pros
Has a variety of shades, around 4 to choose from. I am sure there is a shade for everyone.
It is very cheap. (300 Rs odd)
Has a great consistency, somewhere between cold cream and lip balm.

The cons
The worst one , settles in fine lines.
Turns a bit chalky after applying.
It also is a pain to blend.

If only I had worn this concealer (since my mom refuses to use trial packs, I would have to try on her behalf, talk about being a guinea pig) and walked around I would know. Most of the cons take 5 mins to surface.

So now what, I use it when I make my home made lipsticks, use it under my bright lipsticks, to orangeify my brick red lipstick. I never ever use it under my eyes on its own, mix it with some foundation , lotion , gel , whatever.

Somebody tell me ways of using it up. I cannot bear to throw it away, but as a concealer it fails, even if you get a perfect match.

PS - The concealer settles even in the finest of fine lines in the wrist area. So I cannot really dare to take a picture of how ugly it looks when it settles in lines. Therefore pls consider pictures where I have used it in combination with products as a reference point.


  1. Thank you so much for the prompt post and all the more for linking back and acknowledging it to me. great review. but from what I surmise, this doesnt seem like a good investment because there are plenty of other options are this price.

    Thank you once again for the helpful post


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