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Makeup for an engagement (Evening)

I went for an engagement party. (same crowd that was there for the wedding where I went with glossy red lips was there) Dont ask, too many people getting hooked i say. And again was at a loss for what look to create. Red glossy lips was too wedding. So I went with deep pinky red for lips. Matte was a texture of choice though it was an evening do, largely because I wanted the look to be very subtle.

I mixed some of my revlon mineral foundation with Lotus Aloehydra gel. I find that this gel when mixed with foundation or used alone, gives the skin a moist , fresh and dewy look. Because it contains some alcohol , I find it vanishes easily into my oily skin, no complaints about the oiliness recurring. Also gives a light coverage, perfect for summer evening, yet keeps my skin hydrated in the AC. I dotted this magic mix all over my face. I used the vega blush brush to apply the blush very lightly. Gently blended the edges with my fingers to keep it looking natural.

On my eyes I have used …

Makeup looks for Weddings - Glossy red lips.

The classic red lip with a bit of a twist
Today I will do a makeup breakdown of a red lip I wore to a wedding. For a change I used a glossy red lip look.

There is no eyeliner on my eyes. Just a pink gold eyeshadow. As you can see my vov concealer , even after going over it with foundation is giving me a weird whitish cast. A new concealer will be shopped for soon.

On my cheeks is the good old , Bharat and Doriss blush, you can use any pinky peach cream blush. A powder blush tends to look err well powdery. For a natural looking flush , cream blushes are the best. Once the blush is in place, I dusted some compact powder with a big powder brush all over my face.

The next step is the exciting one. Prime your lips with some foundation or concealer. In case you have chapped lips scrub them before. Dot some concealer on your lips. Blend this across. Dab with a tissue to take off excess concealer. Now fill in your lips with a red lipstick. Dab and top with a gloss. Apply gloss only in th…

Makeup in Bollywood in 1970s

Since my discussion with Rebekkah (aka Everyday Makeup blog girl), and her winged eyeliner look that reminded me of hindi movies rocking that trend. Her look is a nice cross between the bright colour of 80s and the muted lips and winged eyeliners of the 70s. I thought I should do a post on some of the makeup looks that were cult classics in their heyday, and some that I would like to redo. So basically these are makeup looks I love. They may have not caught the fancy of every Indian girl, but to me they are super special. They are looks that made me want to learn makeup. (I grew up watching a lot of old films, so I hope to do a post on a decade.)I am not trying to do a definitive look of the decade post. It is just some interesting looks, faces, hair and make up experiments in Bollywood that I love. Hope you enjoy the post.

Warning - I am a film buff, and have seen countless films. So you are likely to see a lot of my favourite makeup looks through upcoming posts. I do not know whe…

Aromatherapy Hair oils - To fight hair fall.

Call me old school or whatever, I swear by regular oil massages. And my scalp is so used to the oil massages that when it does not get one for a while, it begins to indicate the need for it.
So I will be sharing some of my oil blends, that I use and swear by.

This is my special concoction and it has helped me tide over a major hairfall issue. I had crazy hair fall and chopped my long hair , almost till my elbows, into a choppy bob. Needless to say cutting my hair also helped deal with the crazy hair loss. But what totally helped was this oil. I make this oil in a huge quantity and use it all the time. with some alterations.

Olive oil - 1/2 cup
Castor oil - 1/2 cup
Coconut oil - 1/2 cup
Sesame oil - 1/2 cup
Eucalyptus oil- 20 - 25 drops

Mix all these oils in a dark (brown) thick glass bottle. Shake well. Let this oil stay for 2-3 days in a corner for the eucalyptus oil to truly mix with the whole blend. Shake it once a day during 2-3 days of letting it sit. (Will refer t…

Neem oil for hair

I generally like all things ayurvedic and I also follow Instyle the fashion, makeup and hair website. More makeup and hair then fashion really. In a recent post they have mentioned how neem oil is good for hair . But I dont agree with the way in which they ask you to use it.
The site says

India: Neem Oil to Nourish Hair
In a country with more than 1 billion heads of hair, there are many tricks for keeping strands healthy. Mumbai stylist Natasha Naegamvala recommends following your regular shampoo with neem oil. "Massage a few drops into the scalp, then rinse," she says. "The oil acts as a lubricant to prevent friction and breakage."

Neem is an anti bacterial, anti fungal wonder plant. The stylist is right in saying that the oil should be applied to the scalp. I do not know if the usage is really to 'prevent friction and breakage' or to keep scalp infections away.

I do use neem oil when I have horrid dandruff to deal with. But I mix it in a base oil, say…

Looking fresh for summer - Day to evening looks

Since I have just reviewed my favourite B & D blush, I went ahead and did a look with it to show you guys. I also clicked pictures with the blush to show you how it looks on my cheeks.

So I started with dotting sunscreen on my skin and skipped the foundation completely. Not even a dot of it, because I am afraid it will run when I begin to sweat.
I then took two swipes (if i had a base on I would take just one) of the blush per cheek and dotted it on my cheekbones and blended it well.

I follow up with a liberal dusting of my compact powder, making a concession to keep my cheeks only lightly dusted by compact. Somehow I feel excess powder on cheeks just takes away the fun from the look. You can dust some bronzer on your cheekbones instead of a compact for a more summer evening look. But I was only going out for lunch. So kept it super understated.

I have tightlined my upper eye lid very lightly to keep the look fresh and summery.

I kept my lips completely bare because I was goin…

Faces Eyeliner in Navyblue

Faces Eyeliner in navy blue -(the thin tube) This one is quick dry, I am an impatient person, the kinds who splodges their nailpaint coz they could not sit still any longer. I am not too good with my hands, but this one lets me draw a fine line, I use cotton swabs dipped in a moisturiser to correct my mistakes.

I got this eyeliner about a year and 5 months ago and it is still in a very good condition. It does clump a bit around the brush, but it has not dried at all. When I bought this product faces was new to India. So here is my review of the eyeliner , the only eyeliner I own as of now.

Since I threw away the box in which this came I am not sure of the price, but it was 300 upwards.

I am horrid with my eyes and am no longer a college student who can carry a thick black line on my eyelid everyday. I need a fine line , a good brush as I am not about to buy a separate eyeliner brush unless I work on my technique first.

So the Faces eyeliner fares pretty well if you ask me. Here is…

Bharat and Doriss - Cream Blush in shade no. 01- pictures

Since blogger was crashing when I tried to upload images, here are the images for the review of Bharat and Doriss cream blush

I have swatched this on bare skin. Absolutely no makeup , no compact. Just skin washed with soap and water.

The results after blending.

Bharat and Doriss - Cream Blush in shade no. 01

I have used this blush in almost all my looks on the blog and just love how the blush is going to last me a long time even if I use it every day. So here is the low down on one of my favouritest blushes ever.

Since it is less well known , I am going to explain as much as I can.
Bharat and Doris are famous makeup artists , they did Deepika Padukone's makeup in Om Shanti Om, they also won an award for it and I say well deserved one. Check out more about them over here. However little is known about their own makeup line, and there is a fear that if the makeup artist's launch a line of their own it is going to be super expensive.

They do have some expensive products like an eyeshadow palette for 2500Rs, but I am going to talk about the product I bought ,which is a cream blush. In all honesty I chanced upon it while looking for a Nyx cream blush. But have been in love with the B and D blush , though it does have its own drawbacks. I am now considering buying their creme founda…

Quick hair tip

Add a teaspoon of vodka or any clear alcohol to your shampoo to make a cheap clarifying shampoo. Do not use this regularly as it may be too drying. But on mornings after a party, when you used mousse, hairspray and the works, this shampoo takes off all the product and gives you squeaky clean hair.

Dont forget to scrunch your hair using two drops of olive oil after a wash with the clarifying shampoo.

Jordana Blush in Classic Bronze

Jordana is one of the most under rated brands ever. Jordana has a lot of shimmery blushes too. I am sure some of these will be a great buy. However i will review the jordana blush in classic bronze which is a completely matte and highly pigmented blush. Just two to three swipes of it are enough to dust the face. One can fake a truly amazing tan, one of the most amazing bronzers ever and I was not even very clued in to makeup when I picked this , just that I loved it.

Below are images of the blush swatched on my hand with some foundation on , the top one is in daylight with flash, the bottom one without flash in daylight.

So here is a review
Jordana blush is a matte and intensely pigmented blush.
It stays put on a face with some base makeup for 7-8 hrs. Without base it stays for 4-5 hours.
Its texture is awesome, it is silky enough to apply with your fingers. Even on a bare face it just feels like a really nice compact.
I have never had it settle into pores, or make them look …

Colorbar - Shimmer bar in Bronze - a review.

As Rentu requested a review of colorbar shimmer bar in bronze, here it is.

This is an expensive product, but it really lasts. It has a very subtle shimmer to it, no chunky textures, blends effortlessly and stays put for a while.

So here are pros

Is multipurpose, can be used as an eyeshadow, highlighter,lips, all over shimmer and bronzer. Can also be used on the body, but at 875 it is too expensive as a body bronzer.
The texture is so silky that it is easy to fall in love with this product.
Can last in Bombay heat and humidity for 7 hours.
Does not crease.
Perfect for creating dewy look. You can either run your brush across the entire bar, or any particular colour you want say bronze for bronze godess look.
The bronze one is for warm toned skin, where shimmer has a golden tinge, while the pink bar is for cool toned skin with silver tinged shimmer.
I use this to add a touch of frost to my lipsticks and it does not make my lips dry or sit in the fine lines.
Comes off easily with …

Glossicious giveaway

Glossicious has a supercool giveaway. And I am excited to enter it. Also excited about glossicious's blog as she has said a girl can never have too many lipsticks. My point exactly.

So here is hoping I get it..

The name glossicious is a bit misleading for someone who loves lipsticks as much. And why is it that etude is available in Pakistan and not in India.

My favourite things - Mumtaz Kohl Pencil

Amongst my favourite things, I mentioned a kohl pencil. I will be doing a review of this product. I think this is my first ever review on the blog. So wish me luck.
This is what I said in my previous post
Mumtaz kohl pencil - Funnily this is called 'must be love'. Its drier than the kajal and hardly smudges. I use this for tightlining.Makes me feel that I am nourishing my lashes while making them sexier.

Mumtaz Kohl pencil
Price - 95 rs (brought from an ittar wala at Mohd Ali Rd)
This is different from their kajal pencil. Kajal is shinier , oilier and thus prone to smudging. This pencil is drier and smudges less. But lets see their pros and cons

This is a blackest black kind of colour. If you are looking for a soft black or brown, this is not for you.
The colour is pretty strong and is dry, this is a big plus for me. This is the first product that is natural enough to sleep in and is yet dry enough to wear out.
Perfect for tightlining.
Being a pencil, gives a reall…

These are a few of my favourite things...

Finally blogger is alive. I wanted to blog so desperately that it is not even funny. More so when there are guests at home and I am beginning to get psyched I need my blog. So here it is. Some of my favourite makeup items, most of them have been a result of some research on beauty blogs, while some have been the result of 'O god I need something desperately lets buy..'

I am going to do a series of product reviews of each product here in a series of posts..

Lets list out what this contains (L to R)

Mumtaz kohl pencil - Funnily this is called 'must be love'. Its drier than the kajal and hardly smudges. I use this for tightlining.Makes me feel that I am nourishing my lashes while making them sexier.

Lakme eye pencil (Midnight black)- Since I do not own any eye shadows, the ones I owned died on me. This is the pencil I use for a smoky eye. It does not smudge much, and blends. However you do need some prepping of lids if you intend to use this pencil. It can tug at times.

Deep red lip - tutorial

Some time back I mentioned that I will be trying the deep red lippie look, thats very vintage, perfect with that lace or silk top. Its a flapper girl meets romantic meets goth look. I love it. And here is an easy way to do it, that does not require you to buy any new products.

Here is what you need..

A charcoal pencil (or an eyeliner pencil,or even kajal will do)
A red lipstick (any shade of red will do)
A compact
A few drops of oil/ or a super rich lip balm

First start with massaging oil/ balm into your lips, this is a deep colour and we do not want it drawing attention to your dry lips. Let the balm/ oil sit on your lips for a minute or two, and wipe it off. If using charcoal pencil, soak the end of the pencil in a drop or two of oil/or a dash or lip balm enough to coat the point of the pencil in.

Step 1
Apply the charcoal pencil over your lips, (if using kajal,use it sparingly, blending it well first). Charcoal is greyish black and as a result you will not end up darkening …

Maybelline Super Natural Compact - A review

This maybelline compact has now been discontinued, so that is super tragic. So the powder used to be called, Maybelline super natural compact powder. I had shade no. 2 , titled Beige Cognac. I brought it in 2006 and o did I love it or did I love it. Its expiry date was 3 years away, and then I was generally broke so I used this powder as though it were gold. And gold it was. The one in this picture is the second compact I had bought, it did not get over because that is how sparingly I used it once I found out that it was out of stock every where.

So what the product did was it never looked like compact, no powdery look , no whitish cast, and yet a flawless finish that lasts through the day.

Ok in all honesty here is what the product was about


It was easy to blend. I just used the stupid puff it came with. I never even needed to use a brush.
It was the perfect shade match. Just right amount of yellow and beige.
It never broke me out ever.
The best bit is it looked really natur…

Curly hair - disasters, debacles

Since my previous post was largely about stuff that worked for me, this one is for things that I wished I had never tried.

Never use a brush to blow dry your hair , unless you wish to straighten them without any regard for the hair loss. I have seen a tonne of hair end up on the floor whenever I have used a brush. Brushing your hair may be great , but on curly hair it only creates a poufy , bird's nest kind of look. If that is the look you are channeling, then yes do use the brush.

By the way do not ever go near a round brush, if you must , use a paddle brush. I have had to chop off hair when it has gotten stuck in a round brush. The other time this happened I just had to yank my hair out, as my hair was too short to survive another cut.

You must have seen a lot of people say this, but this is true, go only to a stylist who is used to cutting curly hair, most stylists do not take into account that about an inch of your hair is going to curl up so the cut they gave you will loo…

Curly hair - disasters, debacles and treatments

Today I will do a post on how to take care of curly hair that is dry at the ends , but very oily at the scalp.

I personally have a lot of trouble with dandruff, but the strong dandruff shampoos that clean my scalp leave my hair super dry. So here are a few things that I have tried, some have worked, some have not.

I will start with a tip that has worked beautifully for my hair, but one that I am too lazy to do. PS - This remedy stinks to high heavens, do not go on a date for 3 days after this remedy unless you want to use the smell as a weapon. Any ways here is the remedy.

Home remedy 1 - Soak one teaspoon of methi (fenugreek) seeds in water overnight. In the morning when the seeds have softened, just grind them to a paste. Add one egg in the mixer so that the methi paste and egg gets mixed well. Apply on dry unoiled hair. Ensure that you massage this well in your scalp. Add a few drops of olive oil to the mixture and apply this to your hair ends (if they are dry). Leave for 20- 30 …

My dressing table contains...

This is what my dressing table drawer looks like. This is just a part of it. Here you can see my body shop hair butter, multani mitti, bottles of body mist, cologne, there is jovan musk black and a body shop parfum for men (which belongs to my husband but I use it). There is a miniature Bvlgari , which i use as though it were liquid gold. Love the fragrance.

On the far left is a bottle of honey which is a part of almost all my beauty remedies, some hair curlers for days when I want my curls to all be the same size. The green packet you can see is henna from Shahnaz Hussain.

On the far right you can see charcoal pencils, Loreal serum, lipsticks and nailpaint as well as the remover.

PS - if any one wants a review on any of the products listed here, let me know...

Beauty trick a day - Deep red lip

Recently read a book called Dark Echo and the coverpage , made me want to do that makeup. I tried and tried to get the dark lippie. I did not want to buy Halloween like shades, because to be honest do not know if I will wear it again.

Though the beauty trick season is over. I just had to share this one. A tip I read from total beauty, if you really want a deep red colour on your lips, prep them with a lightly applied kohl pencil. Charcoal, kajal, eyeliner any pencil will do. Apply your regular red colour over this for the lovely red lips that are oh so vintage, use a lip brush to better blend colours.

I am going to try this trick on. Cannot wait till tomorrow. This will save us the effort of buying another red lipstick.

For the less adventurous and tamer red lipstick lovers, you can use a deep brown lipstick as a base for the red.

Don't you just love the versatility of red, there is no colour that does not mix beautifully with it. I am sure Nivedita a fellow red lippie lover w…

The lipstick lover's dilemmas

It is probably no secret that I love lipsticks. O how I love them. I had to buy a lipstick on my birthday, it would not have felt complete without it. I even wore the lippie as soon as I got it. Did not even wait to get home. So which lippie did I buy, I bought a shade called Desert Rose. In the tube it looks almost brown, when swatched it is brown pink. On my lips it changes colour with application. Applied very lightly just one swipe it is a MLBB shade, perfect for office wear. When I swipe 2 times I get this typical tanned makeup shade, a lip lighter than skin, it makes the yellow of my skin pop out. And somehow I like it.

Here is the review of a number of these shades, I loved brique rose in this review , but when I swatched it , it looked very wierd. Maybe I should try this shade at another store. By the way is it me , or does everyone feel that there is a slight shade variation in Chambor that takes place over time. I remember I had a coral reef lippie from Chambor and I loved…

Beauty trick a day - Body and Face oil

So I was thinking of what to write, thought why not do a post on body oil to be made at home. Since I have covered face scrubs and body scrubs even lip scrubs. So here is my own two bits on body oil.

Sunflower oil - 2 cups
Rice oil - 1 cup
Coconut oil - 1/2 cup
Olive oil - 1/2 cup
Flaxseed oil- 1/2 cup
Oil from 2 vitamin E capsules
Essential oil - 10 -12 drops. (Rose, orange, lavender, sandal wood are some of my faves. You can combine all of these if you so wish)

Mix all these oils and store them in a bottle. Use when fresh out of a bath on slightly damp body. Sunflower oil and rice oil are used in cooking and are easily available. In winters you can add 1/2 cup sesame oil and 1/2 cup mustard oil in this mixture. Vitamin E oil has a smell and essential oils work well in masking it.

This recipe makes a huge batch of oil, the whole family can use it. Try using it within 6 months for best results. Also vitamin E oil being heavier will settle down. Do shake the bottle up well b…