Aromatherapy Hair oils - To fight hair fall.

Call me old school or whatever, I swear by regular oil massages. And my scalp is so used to the oil massages that when it does not get one for a while, it begins to indicate the need for it.
So I will be sharing some of my oil blends, that I use and swear by.

This is my special concoction and it has helped me tide over a major hairfall issue. I had crazy hair fall and chopped my long hair , almost till my elbows, into a choppy bob. Needless to say cutting my hair also helped deal with the crazy hair loss. But what totally helped was this oil. I make this oil in a huge quantity and use it all the time. with some alterations.

Olive oil - 1/2 cup
Castor oil - 1/2 cup
Coconut oil - 1/2 cup
Sesame oil - 1/2 cup
Eucalyptus oil- 20 - 25 drops

Mix all these oils in a dark (brown) thick glass bottle. Shake well. Let this oil stay for 2-3 days in a corner for the eucalyptus oil to truly mix with the whole blend. Shake it once a day during 2-3 days of letting it sit. (Will refer to this as the blend henceforth)

Alterations -
This is my basic blend and I just add some extra items to make it suitable to existing conditions.

Rosemary oil- 2 drops
Neem oil- 1/2 tsp
Mix these two ingredients in the blend and apply to the scalp and wash off.

In case you cannot get neem oil, just grind some neem leaves and mix a teaspoon of this juice in the oil and massage onto scalp.

Nourishment/ Thickening
Vitamin E capsule
Clarysage oil - 2 drops

Heat the oil blend over a double boiler i.e a bowl of boiling water, break a vitamin E capsule into this ,add the clary sage oil and mix well and massage onto scalp and ends. Wash off after an hour or so. If possible try to take some steam with this oil on, so that the vitamin truly penetrates.

Lavender oil- 2 drops
Almond oil - 1/2 tsp
Just add some almond oil and lavender oil to warm blend and massage onto scalp. Almond oil is very light in texture almost non oily. It makes the blend feel lighter and also provides vitamins to your scalp and hair. Lavender is just very calming.

Also take some cod liver oil supplements with your vitamin B supplements for a month. This will be helpful to curbing hair loss.

As someone having undergone crazy hair fall, and browsed every website about hair , these are some of my own concoctions after much trial and error. And just want to share this with every one else out there who might be facing a similar problem.


  1. Ok, I really need to try the oil blends for dandruff. I hav major dry scalp with dandruff problems. Yuck! Thanks for the info.

    Also, I've never done a movie inspired makeup or even Bollywood inspired. I really should though.

  2. oh you so should.. it would be fun.. i am so doing a post on the makeup looks that should/ could be redone

  3. This sounds like a total dream, will definitely try this Thank you so much! :)
    PS: totally unrelated, but how can I follow your blog? I'd like to see it on my dashboard..just stumbled upon it and i have like a hundred pages opened, reading them all even though Im supposed to be fast asleep by now! :)) Great job :)

  4. keerthi truly flattered by your compliments. I used to have a follow widget that would have simplified your life and you would only have to click that, but I am trying out the dynamic view option in blogger because it looks so much more interactive. you can go to your dashboard and add my blog to your reading list. Then you will get an option of how you want to follow, and so on. I got this info from the google support site, hope it helps you in following this and other blogs in dynamic view


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