Beauty trick a day - Deep red lip

Recently read a book called Dark Echo and the coverpage , made me want to do that makeup. I tried and tried to get the dark lippie. I did not want to buy Halloween like shades, because to be honest do not know if I will wear it again.

Though the beauty trick season is over. I just had to share this one. A tip I read from total beauty, if you really want a deep red colour on your lips, prep them with a lightly applied kohl pencil. Charcoal, kajal, eyeliner any pencil will do. Apply your regular red colour over this for the lovely red lips that are oh so vintage, use a lip brush to better blend colours.

I am going to try this trick on. Cannot wait till tomorrow. This will save us the effort of buying another red lipstick.

For the less adventurous and tamer red lipstick lovers, you can use a deep brown lipstick as a base for the red.

Don't you just love the versatility of red, there is no colour that does not mix beautifully with it. I am sure Nivedita a fellow red lippie lover would agree.


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