Bharat and Doriss - Cream Blush in shade no. 01

I have used this blush in almost all my looks on the blog and just love how the blush is going to last me a long time even if I use it every day. So here is the low down on one of my favouritest blushes ever.

Since it is less well known , I am going to explain as much as I can.
Bharat and Doris are famous makeup artists , they did Deepika Padukone's makeup in Om Shanti Om, they also won an award for it and I say well deserved one. Check out more about them over here. However little is known about their own makeup line, and there is a fear that if the makeup artist's launch a line of their own it is going to be super expensive.

They do have some expensive products like an eyeshadow palette for 2500Rs, but I am going to talk about the product I bought ,which is a cream blush. In all honesty I chanced upon it while looking for a Nyx cream blush. But have been in love with the B and D blush , though it does have its own drawbacks. I am now considering buying their creme foundation that comes in an almost identical pan.

So what is this blush all about.

It is the B & D blush in shade no. 1, looks bright pink in the pan , is so much more subtle on skin. Is perfect for oily skinned girls, as it does not have too much shine in it.

Cost - 450 (if you buy from their salon or store) - 500 (if you buy it outside)
Amount of product - 13.5 gms
Shade - No. 01

Lets see some of its pros and cons.

Its staying power is amazing. It stays put for a whole work day when set with a compact powder. I applied it on almost bare skin , i.e I had applied only my sunscreen and then applied the blush and it stayed.
It is a product meant for professionals and is crazy pigmented. I just need to dip my finger in the pot once for each cheek. I have started using Q tip, just that the product is not a soft cream but a consistency between wax and cream, so I soak my q tip in some moisturiser and then dip it in the blush.
Very subtle once blended so you need not fear looking overly made up.
Is value for money , I paid about 500 rs for it as I did not buy it from their authorised stores, even then there is so much product.
Did I mention how cute the packaging is . It comes in classic black box with text in white, and a cute little black pan with a transparent lid, this makes spotting the colour easier. Since I own only one of their products I just find the blush by the way the tin looks. But when I buy their foundation this transparent lid may be my saving grace.
Looks very natural. It almost looks like you are wearing nothing.
Does not settle in fine lines, or in my case pores.
Has never broken me out. And I have this for the past 3 months.

Availability is a huge problem, seems to be available only in Bombay. You can try ordering online , but there aren't any swatches available for cream blush category atleast. Though other products like foundation have swatches available.
It is not very easy to blend ,and does not blend too well with a brush, requires the body heat from finger to blend smoothly.
It comes in a pot and you have to dip your finger, or a q tip soaked in moisturiser.
Takes about 2 minutes to set. So you have to wait before you decide to layer on more or take some off.

Final verdict- total value for money and a product that will last you a really long time. I have noticed that most of their cream blushes have very soft shimmer, but I wanted a workplace friendly blush. I just wish they had more non shimmer blushes to choose from. It is a must buy as it is a product that can be used by everyone and gives professional results.

The box in which the blush comes gives out all the ingredients and I was impressed to know shea butter is the second one in the list.
I would give it full points. I just wish they were easily available and had names for the shades.


  1. thanks for the post :) i might order one for myself..huge fan of their makeup:)

  2. totally do.. however i just noticed that their website gives only the option of buying shade no. 11 in the blush section. i think you will have to mail them.


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