Colorbar - Shimmer bar in Bronze - a review.

As Rentu requested a review of colorbar shimmer bar in bronze, here it is.

This is an expensive product, but it really lasts. It has a very subtle shimmer to it, no chunky textures, blends effortlessly and stays put for a while.

So here are pros

Is multipurpose, can be used as an eyeshadow, highlighter,lips, all over shimmer and bronzer. Can also be used on the body, but at 875 it is too expensive as a body bronzer.
The texture is so silky that it is easy to fall in love with this product.
Can last in Bombay heat and humidity for 7 hours.
Does not crease.
Perfect for creating dewy look. You can either run your brush across the entire bar, or any particular colour you want say bronze for bronze godess look.
The bronze one is for warm toned skin, where shimmer has a golden tinge, while the pink bar is for cool toned skin with silver tinged shimmer.
I use this to add a touch of frost to my lipsticks and it does not make my lips dry or sit in the fine lines.
Comes off easily with a cleansing lotion. I do not need a special makeup remover.

Way too expensive. 875 is not a small amount for a product you will not use too often, it is a shimmer bar after all.
There is fallout from one colour into the other as there are no divisions between the various shades in the box.
Does not come with an applicator.
The shimmer is colourless, so cannot be applied on a bare face. You need to prep and prime with foundation atleast.
While creating a bronze look or using as eyeshadow in the crease, it may be too pale for a dusky to wheatish skin colour. I need to apply a brown eyeshadow (or any other subtle matte colour) for the shimmer to show. But then again it is a shimmer bar, cannot expect too much colour from it.

As a shimmer product its use is restricted to night outs, parties and special occassions. It has so far never let me down, but man this so does not get over. I would like lesser product for cheaper price that got over. Anyways the expiry date is some 3 years from date of manufacture and I am going to keep this till it smells funny. The kind of time period it lasts, its quality and versatility make it a product for keeps. I reccommend it to people who party on a regular basis and are looking for a good multipurpose product. PS - I have not waxed , but I thought what the hell lets just swatch the products.

Here is a swatch of the products in daylight, I have used a bit of foundation as a primer. And two swipes per colour. The next image is a swatch using flash. And the last is the image of my shimmer bar, which does not seem to get over at all.

Far right corner is a swatch of the Jordana bronzer, just to give you a sense of what I use this with for a bronze look. Then on I have started swatching the shimmer bar shades from top to bottom. So the pale gold one you see swatched first is the white bar in the shimmer bar pan (see below) and the far left shade is the bottom most shade in the pan.

Here is a look where I used Shimmer bar as an eyeshadow, as you can see the look is soft and shimmery , but the only colour you see is an eyeliner from Lakme in copper, the rest is a wash of shimmer. I have used a concealer as primer so the colour is showing up well.


  1. hey thanks for the review, can i also request u to review the jordana blush in bronze...
    basically my requirement is for a bronzer which i have to use very sparingly, and i like products which are matte, what would u suggest

  2. jordana is a good one ,i would totally recommend it. it is matte, and nice pigmentation . the only problem with jordana is that it last for about 4 hrs on my oily skin in the humidity. also if your skin is oily you may notice jordana bronzer darkening a bit more. so u will have to use it sparingly and try it at home once or twice , a bit of a test run ,before you know how much you really need. i need to dip the brush in the bronzer once for each cheek. and if i am dusting it over my face , then just once for the rest of the face.

  3. thanks for the reply yaa :)

  4. besides, Jordana is so difficult to find. Lovely review. Could you please put in a few pics? It becomes a treat for the eyes

  5. hey nivedita, did add some pics as you can see


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