Curly hair - disasters, debacles and treatments

Today I will do a post on how to take care of curly hair that is dry at the ends , but very oily at the scalp.

I personally have a lot of trouble with dandruff, but the strong dandruff shampoos that clean my scalp leave my hair super dry. So here are a few things that I have tried, some have worked, some have not.

I will start with a tip that has worked beautifully for my hair, but one that I am too lazy to do. PS - This remedy stinks to high heavens, do not go on a date for 3 days after this remedy unless you want to use the smell as a weapon. Any ways here is the remedy.

Home remedy 1 - Soak one teaspoon of methi (fenugreek) seeds in water overnight. In the morning when the seeds have softened, just grind them to a paste. Add one egg in the mixer so that the methi paste and egg gets mixed well. Apply on dry unoiled hair. Ensure that you massage this well in your scalp. Add a few drops of olive oil to the mixture and apply this to your hair ends (if they are dry). Leave for 20- 30 mins and wash with cold water. Do not shampoo.This pack needs to be rinsed well using a lot of water. But the shine , gloss and body it gives your hair makes it worthwhile.

This remedy is super easy to do and the results are just so good, that I bunk all my complex home remedies in favour of this one.

Home remedy 2- Mix olive oil, castor oil and coconut oil 1:1:1. Heat it over a double boiler. Break a vitamin E capsule in it. Massage this oil and leave for an hour or two. Wash with shampoo. I find this so moisturising that I often skip conditioner after this.

This one is a quirky one, but for me it has been my go to for party hair. I should have started by telling you how petrified I am of hairspray, and how much I love the feeling of having styling products that are dirty hair friendly.

Home remedy 3 - In a spray bottle , pour half cup beer, half teaspoon vinegar, a few drops of almond oil (a few drops of lavender oil to hide the beery smell). This hair spray nourishes and treats your hair while helping it look stylish. Detangle your hair and dampen it with some water. We do not want drunken looking hair do we. Just spray this on your hair and style as usual. As with any hair spray, this one is not meant for your scalp unless you want flatter hair. I will soon do a post on styling using this spray alone. I feel that this product helps my dirty hair look glam for a longer time. The results will be great on clean hair too, but clean hair would need little by way of products or styling in the first place. By the way, there is a slight (very very slight) stiffness that using beer gives. I love the shine and the gloss this treatment brings with it.

This is one hair spray you can wash whenever you feel like.

This is my last home remedy, but I promise you this one is a god sent for all oily scalped people out there.

Home remedy 4 - Multani mitti or fuller's earth works magic on oily skin , be it on your face or head. But washing it off is often a pain. So here is how to use the multani mitti. Take one teaspoon multani mitti and add to it half a cup of water in which soap nuts have been boiled. Mix well and let it sit for a few minutes. Add two teaspoons of milk to this mixture and apply to the scalp. Massage well.
The milk in the mixture ensure that the clay does not over dry and stick like small dandruff flakes to the dry patches in your scalp. The soap nut water helps in cleaning and gives the clay a bit of a slip , so that it is easier to wash it off. Leave the concoction for no more than 15 mins. Cover your head with a shower cap so the pack does not dry completely and stays moist and warm.

Let me know how these tips worked.


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