Curly hair - disasters, debacles

Since my previous post was largely about stuff that worked for me, this one is for things that I wished I had never tried.

Never use a brush to blow dry your hair , unless you wish to straighten them without any regard for the hair loss. I have seen a tonne of hair end up on the floor whenever I have used a brush. Brushing your hair may be great , but on curly hair it only creates a poufy , bird's nest kind of look. If that is the look you are channeling, then yes do use the brush.

By the way do not ever go near a round brush, if you must , use a paddle brush. I have had to chop off hair when it has gotten stuck in a round brush. The other time this happened I just had to yank my hair out, as my hair was too short to survive another cut.

You must have seen a lot of people say this, but this is true, go only to a stylist who is used to cutting curly hair, most stylists do not take into account that about an inch of your hair is going to curl up so the cut they gave you will looks shorter. And unless you have time to put into your every day routine , do not cut bangs.

What is it about curly hair and dryness, i don't know, but trust me it limits my styling options big time. I for one can never skip conditioner. Make that never ever. When I do , my hair knots up and undoing the knots means major hair breakage. So I detangle with my conditioner and always, start from the ends. When I don't ,I pay the price.

If you have curly hair and love the way it looks curly, well good for you. But here is what I know. I love my curly hair, but it gets supper frizzy, especially with the heat and humidity, and given that I stay in Bombay, it is pretty much every day. I have never left home without some kind of conditioning. Either use a hair serum, cream, leave in or a gel. But do not use those cheap gels that come in a huge jar. I tried using it once, and it gave me stiff hair, dryness. Use aloe vera gel if you do not want to invest in a good quality gel. I love the body shop hair gel but even simple aloe vera does a good job. Always buy lip balms that come in jars, this way when your hair gets frizzy , you can just warm the balm up in your palms and apply on ends.

The last but certainly not least , is the stupid straightening efforts at home. How many girls have tried to straighten their curly hair armed with a brush and dryer and no more. If your hair is wavy it may work, but if it is curly with a mind of its own, I suggest you seek a professional. And use straightening iron instead of the dryer. Your hair may thank you for it. A lot of girls think the straightening iron kills curly hair faster than blow drying straight. I disagree. Brushing your hair constantly and using heat to set it, is combining a weakening of hair cuticle with blasting high heat. Instead just use a nice heat protector and use a straightening iron on detangled hair.

By the way all the things you see up here, I am guilty of each one of these crimes. There is a reason I had to chop my hair off. Though I love the hair cut, I would not recommend reaching the styling conclusion based on the above torture systems.


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