Deep red lip - tutorial

Some time back I mentioned that I will be trying the deep red lippie look, thats very vintage, perfect with that lace or silk top. Its a flapper girl meets romantic meets goth look. I love it. And here is an easy way to do it, that does not require you to buy any new products.

Here is what you need..

A charcoal pencil (or an eyeliner pencil,or even kajal will do)
A red lipstick (any shade of red will do)
A compact
A few drops of oil/ or a super rich lip balm

First start with massaging oil/ balm into your lips, this is a deep colour and we do not want it drawing attention to your dry lips. Let the balm/ oil sit on your lips for a minute or two, and wipe it off. If using charcoal pencil, soak the end of the pencil in a drop or two of oil/or a dash or lip balm enough to coat the point of the pencil in.

Step 1
Apply the charcoal pencil over your lips, (if using kajal,use it sparingly, blending it well first). Charcoal is greyish black and as a result you will not end up darkening your lips too much even if you put on too much. In case you do put on too much, just dab the colour off with a tissue, till you are satisfied with what remains.

You can stop at this step, if the look you are going for is goth. Just make sure to blot excess colour and dust with some powder.

Step 2
Blot excess colour and oil off by gently dabbing a tissue over lip area. Apply the red lippie. Use a lip brush to blend the colours. Dab and apply a bit more red if you feel the look is still too halloween. I applied 2 coats of red lipstick because with one coat i was still too goth. If you have a deep maroon lippie, I am sure your mom will have a deep maroon stashed away somewhere, you can use that instead of a regular red. That will reduce the effort.

Step 3
Clean the area around the lips with a lotion, or a drop of oil and some cotton wool. Dust some compact around the mouth area. Also dust a bit of powder on the lips if you want to subdue the colour. I have not dusted powder on my lips as the lipstick I used was a matte red (Revlon Matte Spice Red), if you use a creamy lipstick, which is easier to blend. Take a tissue and hold it across your lips. Dip the puff in powder and slowly go over the lip area with a tissue between your lips and the powder puff. The tissue ensures that no excess powder comes on to your lips.

The result

I only applied the maybelline compact all over my face i know it has expired a while back, but even then to give you a sense of what it looks like, I have used no other makeup on my skin other than the powder. (I followed this expired powder risk, with some hard core cleansing and scrubbing)

The finished look.


  1. you are welcome rakshanda .. i loved your review of the eye shadow palette ,it looks lovely, the looks created as well as the eye shadow..

  2. u are welcome .. loved ur eyeshadow palette in multicolour... am so going to get it soon


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