Faces Eyeliner in Navyblue

Faces Eyeliner in navy blue -(the thin tube) This one is quick dry, I am an impatient person, the kinds who splodges their nailpaint coz they could not sit still any longer. I am not too good with my hands, but this one lets me draw a fine line, I use cotton swabs dipped in a moisturiser to correct my mistakes.

I got this eyeliner about a year and 5 months ago and it is still in a very good condition. It does clump a bit around the brush, but it has not dried at all. When I bought this product faces was new to India. So here is my review of the eyeliner , the only eyeliner I own as of now.

Since I threw away the box in which this came I am not sure of the price, but it was 300 upwards.

I am horrid with my eyes and am no longer a college student who can carry a thick black line on my eyelid everyday. I need a fine line , a good brush as I am not about to buy a separate eyeliner brush unless I work on my technique first.

So the Faces eyeliner fares pretty well if you ask me. Here is why

Beautiful pigmentation. Just so rich, I have never had to go over a lined area because it looked too light.
Dries to a matte finish. Very subtle.
Dries so quickly that even an impatient girl like me manages to not mess it up.
The brush it comes with has a lid that gives me great grip.
It does not need a primer to give the pigmentation it does, nor the finish.

The brush itself is nothing to write home about. You need to wipe off excess product on the rim and move it such that the brush goes compact. Much like art class at school.
The colour claims to be navy blue but is a cross between cobalt and navy. (Personally I love it , just that naming it so is faulty.)
A super tiny bottle for a high price

Price- This was expensive for the quantity - I think I paid about 300 or more for it.

Here is how it looks on my eyes, I have worn it with a pale gold eyeshadow (from color bar shimmer bar in bronze, this is the first shade applied lightly over eyes.)


  1. i love blue eyelners. but i prefer the pencils. im not v good at applying liquid ones. :P i have one navy blue from lakme 9to5. :))

  2. o you have no idea how bad i am at applying liquid liners. i just swear by q tip dipped in a cleanser to clean the mistakes away. but yes when i go makeup shopping i am happier buying pencils..

  3. Its lovely Supriya. You have quite big eyes!! I have one from Maybelline. I bought so many that I wont be buying anything more until I have finished one or two

  4. thanks nivedita.. i know the feeling.. i make this resolution about lipsticks and fail miserably.. waise all the best for ur eggjams... do well..


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