Jordana Blush in Classic Bronze

Jordana is one of the most under rated brands ever. Jordana has a lot of shimmery blushes too. I am sure some of these will be a great buy. However i will review the jordana blush in classic bronze which is a completely matte and highly pigmented blush. Just two to three swipes of it are enough to dust the face. One can fake a truly amazing tan, one of the most amazing bronzers ever and I was not even very clued in to makeup when I picked this , just that I loved it.

Below are images of the blush swatched on my hand with some foundation on , the top one is in daylight with flash, the bottom one without flash in daylight.

So here is a review
Jordana blush is a matte and intensely pigmented blush.
It stays put on a face with some base makeup for 7-8 hrs. Without base it stays for 4-5 hours.
Its texture is awesome, it is silky enough to apply with your fingers. Even on a bare face it just feels like a really nice compact.
I have never had it settle into pores, or make them look any larger than they are.

Since it is that pigmented it is easy to over do it.
The shade can look wierd if not layered on with some blush, it is too brown to be used on its own.
Suits wheatish to dusky tones better, will be too dark for fairer skin tones.

Final verdict- Use a pink blush underneath it. It is absolutely value for money, in fact it is way too cheap for the quality and quantity too.

Sorry forgot to add, I paid about 200 Rs for it when I bought it from the beauty centre at Crawford market. This was a year ago.

Here is a look where I used it over a blush.


  1. I have the brnoze wala...tooo shimmery...look like punched when i apply using it as bronze e/s.......

  2. woops forgot all about the price i paid 200 rs for it when i bought it from beauty centre

  3. @ Dr Shivani - o is yours shimmery, is it a good eyeshadow.. btw you can totally go get this matte bronze one, and layer the shimmer on it. also try using it as a highlighter..


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