The lipstick lover's dilemmas

It is probably no secret that I love lipsticks. O how I love them. I had to buy a lipstick on my birthday, it would not have felt complete without it. I even wore the lippie as soon as I got it. Did not even wait to get home. So which lippie did I buy, I bought a shade called Desert Rose. In the tube it looks almost brown, when swatched it is brown pink. On my lips it changes colour with application. Applied very lightly just one swipe it is a MLBB shade, perfect for office wear. When I swipe 2 times I get this typical tanned makeup shade, a lip lighter than skin, it makes the yellow of my skin pop out. And somehow I like it.

Here is the review of a number of these shades, I loved brique rose in this review , but when I swatched it , it looked very wierd. Maybe I should try this shade at another store. By the way is it me , or does everyone feel that there is a slight shade variation in Chambor that takes place over time. I remember I had a coral reef lippie from Chambor and I loved it to death for how bright it was, but this time when I swatched it again for fun , I noticed it had dulled down a bit. Either there is a shade defect or the testers need to be cleaned better. Anyhow for the dilemmas and confusions while buying lipstick.

The only way to know if a shade suits you is to try it on your lips. Yes you heard that right. I tried all places, fingertips, arm, wrist, under side of the wrist. But the thing that I realised is you cannot compare the yellow in your skin tone with the yellow in the lippie unless you try it out. For instance Revlon's Spice red which for most people would be an orangey red is almost a true red for me. That is because the yellow in my skin tone is more than the yellow in the lippie.

So here is what you should do , if you are too hesitant to try the colour on your lips, and I totally understand the fear, you should make it a point to move a foot away from the mirror and place your finger tip where your lip is , you will then get a sense of the way your face reacts to the colour.

Happy makeup shopping till then. Hope these tips help you buy the colour that you truly love.

In praise of Chambor matte lippies -

I apply balm , wipe and then apply lipstick especially if it is a matte one, but I did notice that Chambor matte lipsticks were so moisturising that when I cleaned my lips after a few hours , the lippie came off easy, my lips were in perfect condition. The colour after 4 hours was just where it had been when I applied (I did not eat anything in this time, so I dont know how the colour does during lunch)

This is how desert rose looks on me,


  1. hey i too got a new lippi on my birthday...hahah we are so similar :D:D

    belated birthday wishes to you too girl:)


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