Looking fresh for summer - Day to evening looks

Since I have just reviewed my favourite B & D blush, I went ahead and did a look with it to show you guys. I also clicked pictures with the blush to show you how it looks on my cheeks.

So I started with dotting sunscreen on my skin and skipped the foundation completely. Not even a dot of it, because I am afraid it will run when I begin to sweat.
I then took two swipes (if i had a base on I would take just one) of the blush per cheek and dotted it on my cheekbones and blended it well.

I follow up with a liberal dusting of my compact powder, making a concession to keep my cheeks only lightly dusted by compact. Somehow I feel excess powder on cheeks just takes away the fun from the look. You can dust some bronzer on your cheekbones instead of a compact for a more summer evening look. But I was only going out for lunch. So kept it super understated.

I have tightlined my upper eye lid very lightly to keep the look fresh and summery.

I kept my lips completely bare because I was going to go and pig out and thought why eat my lipstick.

In the evening I carried the same look ahead with an addition of a bright lipstick. I just dabbed my skin with some toner, dusted a bit of compact. On my cheeks instead of compact I brushed some Jordana bronzer very very lightly. The focus was my lips so the cheeks had to be very subtle. The lips have a mix of Chambor matte in desert rose, topped with Revlon matte in Spice Red.


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