Makeup in Bollywood in 1970s

Since my discussion with Rebekkah (aka Everyday Makeup blog girl), and her winged eyeliner look that reminded me of hindi movies rocking that trend. Her look is a nice cross between the bright colour of 80s and the muted lips and winged eyeliners of the 70s. I thought I should do a post on some of the makeup looks that were cult classics in their heyday, and some that I would like to redo. So basically these are makeup looks I love. They may have not caught the fancy of every Indian girl, but to me they are super special. They are looks that made me want to learn makeup. (I grew up watching a lot of old films, so I hope to do a post on a decade.)I am not trying to do a definitive look of the decade post. It is just some interesting looks, faces, hair and make up experiments in Bollywood that I love. Hope you enjoy the post.

Warning - I am a film buff, and have seen countless films. So you are likely to see a lot of my favourite makeup looks through upcoming posts. I do not know when I will do a tutorial. But these are some looks I like. For the sake of reigning myself in I have stuck to 1970s.

The first image is that from the film Rajnigandha, released in 1974, it was a story of an average girl, a working woman at that. Her style was those white cotton blouses teamed up with chiffon sarees. Slight bouffant, but not an elaborate bun, because it would just seem a bit too exaggerated for a middle class working girl to sport super fancy hair dos. Her makeup though is interesting, she has extended eyeliner, brown pink lips. I love the look.

Bollywood also had a penchant for the hippies. And Zeenat Aman rocked the hippie chic look in Hare Rama Hare Krishna. Bambi eyes, pale lips and brightly coloured clothes. I also love the hair, shiny, almost freshly washed. The cheeks are not too pink, but healthy enough. The skin is simply glowing and the lipstick is a barely there pink topped with shimmery gloss. Love the lower lashes too.

And here is what a well to do college girl was supposed to look like.

Winged eyeliner, glossy lips, bouffant with hair left open. There were places in this film when her makeup was really bad. But I think this was a very simple non fussy look. And makeup is young, glowy, rosy cheeks, glossy lips and eyeliner on eyes.


  1. these are such awesome posts!enjoyed reading these throughly!:)and they are super funny too!
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  3. I really liked reading this post! :D

  4. thanks tanveer.. it means a lot coming frm u since u are like a super makeup blogger.. truly flattered.


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