My dressing table contains...

This is what my dressing table drawer looks like. This is just a part of it. Here you can see my body shop hair butter, multani mitti, bottles of body mist, cologne, there is jovan musk black and a body shop parfum for men (which belongs to my husband but I use it). There is a miniature Bvlgari , which i use as though it were liquid gold. Love the fragrance.

On the far left is a bottle of honey which is a part of almost all my beauty remedies, some hair curlers for days when I want my curls to all be the same size. The green packet you can see is henna from Shahnaz Hussain.

On the far right you can see charcoal pencils, Loreal serum, lipsticks and nailpaint as well as the remover.

PS - if any one wants a review on any of the products listed here, let me know...


  1. review and swatches of ur lipsticks..and charcoal pencils..wanna knw more bout it..


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