My favourite things - Mumtaz Kohl Pencil

Amongst my favourite things, I mentioned a kohl pencil. I will be doing a review of this product. I think this is my first ever review on the blog. So wish me luck.
This is what I said in my previous post
Mumtaz kohl pencil - Funnily this is called 'must be love'. Its drier than the kajal and hardly smudges. I use this for tightlining.Makes me feel that I am nourishing my lashes while making them sexier.

Mumtaz Kohl pencil
Price - 95 rs (brought from an ittar wala at Mohd Ali Rd)
This is different from their kajal pencil. Kajal is shinier , oilier and thus prone to smudging. This pencil is drier and smudges less. But lets see their pros and cons

This is a blackest black kind of colour. If you are looking for a soft black or brown, this is not for you.
The colour is pretty strong and is dry, this is a big plus for me. This is the first product that is natural enough to sleep in and is yet dry enough to wear out.
Perfect for tightlining.
Being a pencil, gives a really fine line that does not budge for atleast 4hrs.
Great for using on the waterline.

It is near impossible to get this out without some oil. Given that this is natural you do not need to remove it, but if you want to remove all traces of kajal from your eyes, you will need some oil for sure.
Do not use this on days when your eyes are feeling dry. I go for kajal which contains oils on days of dry eyes. This can tug if your eyes are dry.
The only way I know of completely removing is sleeping with some castor oil applied in the eye, on the waterline. (Then again I will not let any make up remover in my eye, unless I know it is good for my eyes.)

Final verdict

At 95 rs, it is totally value for money, if not a steal. Stays put, is completely natural. The box it comes in also claims that it is enriched with almond oil. Since I am a regular kajal user (like most indian women) I do not know if it is the almond oil or just my regular use of kajal that keeps my eyes happy.
Other kajals by the same brand tend to be too oily, you cannot go out wearing any of them unless you live in a non humid place. Ask me I know, I live in Bombay and have worn it out, only to thank my stars I had some facial tissues at hand.

The kajals are made for a traditional indian way of using. An Indian beauty regime would involve applying a slightly oily kajal at night and sleeping with it. In the morning just wipe off all the smudged kajal with the help of some oil and have your bath as usual. Voila shiny dewy eyelids and smoky eyes.

P.S - On days when my eyes are feeling dry, I avoid this pencil and veer towards kajal.


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