Neem oil for hair

I generally like all things ayurvedic and I also follow Instyle the fashion, makeup and hair website. More makeup and hair then fashion really. In a recent post they have mentioned how neem oil is good for hair . But I dont agree with the way in which they ask you to use it.
The site says

India: Neem Oil to Nourish Hair
In a country with more than 1 billion heads of hair, there are many tricks for keeping strands healthy. Mumbai stylist Natasha Naegamvala recommends following your regular shampoo with neem oil. "Massage a few drops into the scalp, then rinse," she says. "The oil acts as a lubricant to prevent friction and breakage."

Neem is an anti bacterial, anti fungal wonder plant. The stylist is right in saying that the oil should be applied to the scalp. I do not know if the usage is really to 'prevent friction and breakage' or to keep scalp infections away.

I do use neem oil when I have horrid dandruff to deal with. But I mix it in a base oil, say sesame or coconut, warm the oil up and massage into my scalp. I wash this off after an hour or two. By the way neem oil stinks. Really stinks. If you apply it , you want to shampoo it off. And even after shampooing off, there is a slight stink.

Now on I am going to take things with a pinch of salt. Also can we really talk of indian hair care without mentioning coconut, sesame and mustard oil used according to season change. Coconut for summer, sesame and mustard for winter. Sesame is said to be also suited to rainy season as it gives you a glossy and nourished mane.

I think a hair oil post is due.


  1. Nice post. But Neem oil is not that easily available everywhere. I use Neem pack on my face

  2. really, well you can buy fresh neem leaves and infuse them in oil, or use their juice.. generally most of these aroma therapy kind of places stock it.. there is a brand called R.Ks and Dr Jain's who keep neem oil. also auroville makes some products under the name 'breathe' they too may have some neem oil.


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