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Finally blogger is alive. I wanted to blog so desperately that it is not even funny. More so when there are guests at home and I am beginning to get psyched I need my blog. So here it is. Some of my favourite makeup items, most of them have been a result of some research on beauty blogs, while some have been the result of 'O god I need something desperately lets buy..'

I am going to do a series of product reviews of each product here in a series of posts..

Lets list out what this contains (L to R)

Mumtaz kohl pencil - Funnily this is called 'must be love'. Its drier than the kajal and hardly smudges. I use this for tightlining.Makes me feel that I am nourishing my lashes while making them sexier.

Lakme eye pencil (Midnight black)- Since I do not own any eye shadows, the ones I owned died on me. This is the pencil I use for a smoky eye. It does not smudge much, and blends. However you do need some prepping of lids if you intend to use this pencil. It can tug at times.

Lakme lip gloss- I bought a clear sparkly lipgloss as I wanted to wear it over my existing lippies. However this one is super sticky, and feels a bit heavy too. I have to wear it very subtle , blending like mad with my lipstick brush. As a result this does not get over at all.

Maybelline Volume Express Mascara - (the big fat black tube with a silver lid in the centre)Actually I desperately wanted the yellow and purple colossal volume bottle. But when I saw that this one said it would dry off soon and would be water proof. I decided to give it a try. I have not been disappointed with this. However getting rid of this mascara is a task.

Lakme lip and cheek tint - I researched a fair bit and read numerous IMBBians praise this as value for money and got it. Indeed it is a lovely cheek colour, great for the flushed look. However on the lips it feels like using a text highlighter.Has a smell, and makes your lips dry even if you prep them with a balm.

Faces Eyeliner in navy blue -(the thin tube) This one is quick dry, I am an impatient person, the kinds who splodges their nailpaint coz they could not sit still any longer. I am not too good with my hands, but this one lets me draw a fine line, I use cotton swabs dipped in a moisturiser to correct my mistakes.

Psst - both these products (mascara and eyeliner) are not easy to remove, what with being water proof. They do not budge unless I use some oil on them.

Maybelline Blush in Apricot - As you can see this blush does not travel well. I have never dropped it ever , but just carrying it in my bag has led to the blush breaking into bits. The powder blush does not stay by itself. Needs a cream blush underneath. Too shimmery for day wear. I used this in my golden eye look.

Revlon Mineral mousse foundation - What to say , other than the fact that it works on my skin, blends like a dream , stays put, keeps oiliness away. But costs a lot. 1100 Rs for a foundation. I am looking for a cheaper alternative. However I must say if you need a foundation for a special occasion, do invest in it.

Hashmi kajal tube (white tube) and rashmi kajal dibbi- Both are lovely on your eyes. Yes they smudge. But I love the blackest black look your eyes get when you use these.

Bharat and Doris Cream Blush
- Shade 01 - A peachy pink, looks bright in pan, on skin just blends to a beautiful glow. You can see the detailed review here.

At extreme right corner is Colorbar shimmer bar in bronze- I use it as a highlighter, bronzer, eye shadow, to add shimmer to my lipstick. In short super versatile. Worth every buck spent.

I will review these products, however if any of you wants to know about any particular product here, please let me know. I will review it pronto.

Btw please recommend a nice concealer. My favourite things is missing a concealer that works on under eye circles, and is reasonably priced.


  1. NICE..Where did u get the Bharat and Doris cream blush from??

  2. Awesome loot. You'll definitely like the Maybelline Volum Express mascara. I love it.

    Maybelline Age Rewind concealers are pretty good with concealing dark circles...I think!

  3. @anamika - there is a makeup shop called MUAH in Khar , it stands for make up , accessories and hair. they stock bharat and doris cream blush. i actually went in looking for nyx. but i am so not complaining.
    @EveryDay - i totally love the maybelline mascara. i will certainly look for the concealer in maybelline. sadly in india they do not release the awesome products. we are like a second grade market for maybelline.. i hope the guys working at maybelline are taking note.

  4. lovely post, colorbar shimmer bar in bronze, pls do a review of it

  5. hey pls review d bharat n dorris blush..n all products r great :)

  6. hey i added a link to my blush review in the post itself. (note to self to be better organised with things.) this is the link i also did another post on how it looks swatched and blended, here is the link for that


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