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Credits for the haul

In my haul I mentioned how I owed the products to numerous beauty blogs I have been scouting. But I thought I should give credit to each and everyone today.
So here goes

First comes the credit for me investing in good nail paints, the big three free, the ones that make your manicure at home last longer and give lovely results to see. I found out about Jordana making toluened and DBP nail paints from Tanveer's blog. I had a powder bronzer from them that I loved, but just did not know how many products Jordana made till I chanced on Addicted to Blush. And absolutely never could imagine they will go eco friendly.

A long time ago when I was in college all I owned was loose brown powder made by Lakme , a kajal ki dibbi and a lipstick. What fun it was to keep making these simple things stretch, or look through my mom's stash of makeup and steal lippies. Then as I grew a bit, I got a compact, and never went back to loose powder till I heard that Lakme made a cheap and value for mo…

Retro Glam

Just discovered a lovely retro glamour blog. If you know me, you know my fascination for all things retro. From the full blown puffy hair, to bright lips, golden eyes.

I love the simplicity of the look , that just magically transforms into glam when you put it all together.

This blogger has put together tons of reference material, rare videos, pics, it is simply awesome. I just hope she herself did a tutorial on retro.

But I got super inspired and did a bit of retro

I was out for the evening and had some makeup on.And that explains why my makeup looks a bit lived in. But I did super enjoy the look.

This is me with my hair tied into two plaits, tucked into each other behind. Tie a plait above your left ear, not too tight so you can tuck it on the other side and adjust it well. I have super short hair , so leaving some place gives me room to move my hair around.

Sadly could not click my messy hair style as my camera's flash would not let me click my reflection, and without flas…

A haul and swatches

I just bought these articles over the last week or two. This I feel is my most rounded haul, and it has reccos gleaned from all over the blogosphere. I should do a separate post on which blogs I learned from to get to this haul. But here are the spoils.

This is an all rounded haul, because it includes some lovely nail paints, one is a strengthening one with calcium et al and the other is top coat. Both are from Jordana and are big three free. There is the Lotus Makeup stick and Lakme loose powder together with some under eye cream from Ponds with SPF and vitamins. Two lippies from Lotus - Peach Creme and Golden Dusk , one from chambor - Brique Rose what else.

So that is all really there is to it.

Here are the swatches of the lippies and the makeup stick (far right). I must say for a company that has only 3 shades, I found a perfect match in the middle one. From L to R these are
Lotus Pure Color in Peach Creme
Chambor matte in Brique rose
Lotus Pure Color in Peach Creme with some Gol…

Lip spa

Ever since I started blogging I found my self putting on lippies several times in a day, or an hour only for a simple tutorial, where the light was playing up and not letting the colour show the way it looks.

So here is what I do, I start with removing whatever lipstick I have on. Then I scrub my lips with my home made lip scrub.

Wipe off the scrub. And put on a thick layer of honey on your lip, if you have been using matte lippies this will provide the much needed hydration. The lipscrub does have some honey, but this is lip spa remember. So pamper your self.

Wipe the honey off with a damp towel (dipped in warm water). This will further exfoliate your lips. Now just apply some lip balm. And smile away.

Here are my own lip spa ingredients

PS- If you want to plump up your lips, just add some powdered cinnamon in the lipscrub and leave the scrub on for 5 - 10 mins extra. It will create a slightly tingly feeling that is your lips plumping. However if you feel it is stinging you too s…

The bare faced challenge

That is me without even a smidgen of makeup on my face, it is just the lipstick. And trust me when I say I do have big pores. And I was not too happy posing barefaced for the camera. Wanted to atleast dust some powder, but I have not. I just washed my tomato pack off , and sprayed some home made toner.

Sorry the lipstick has begun running around, I wish I had powdered the area around, but I really wanted to show you guys the effect this pack has without makeup. This is my go to pack on days I want to rock a bright lip and keep the rest of the makeup minimal while looking like I am just right for a day out, a brunch, or just an evening out with friends.

A bright lippie brightens up your look , while keeping the look fun and minimal. You can certainly pair this with a bit of blush and tightlined eyes in case you are going out for some major event.

Btw the lippie is a combination of Lotus Herbals Pure Color Peach Creme and Revlon Colorburst in Soft Rose.

Tomato face pack - A mini facial

Since I keep giving numerous recipes for home made packs, and almost never share pics, here is my attempt at convincing you guys that these packs work. So here I am going to attempt to discuss the pack that I love so much, and it is all natural, easy to make, and super for oily skin.So here is how to do a simple cleanup for oily skin. And the best part is you do not have to do any thing other than applying one simple pack. (PS I forgot to take a before photo , so there is little by way of comparison.)

Start with steaming your face so that the pores are opened up, using a cotton wool dipped in any cleansing lotion, or even plain milk cleanse your skin. Now splash some water (preferably warm) on your face. Dab dry.

Now for the face pack. The tomato face pack is super easy to make, just chop half a tomato and make a paste in the mixer. Add some fuller's earth (multani mitti) to help it stay on your skin as well as absorb excess oil. You can add some citrus peel powder to give it su…

Bollywood in 1990s

So I am back with a post on hair , makeup and beauty in the 90s. In all honesty 90s always gets a tough rap on its knuckles for being so over the top. Largely for being blindly imitative of american makeup in 80s. But the 90s had their moment too. It did have some makeup that was not that bad. Yes most of the makeup was over the top, but some of it was pretty good. Here is my checklist of some of my favouritest or not so well loved looks from the 90s.

Thats Madhuri Dixit in Dil and she is the one who best captures the reasons for the bad press 90s makeup got. The pimples, the pancake makeup to conceal them, the wierd lipstick and huge lashes didnt help, neither did helmet hair. I think a bit more attitude would help carry off the helmet head effect better.

Home made toner with rain water

Remember how all the toners you are supposed to make at home require you to boil the water, or use distilled water. Now I have a toner recipe that does not require you to process the water at all. Because this is the rain water toner. And do I love it or what. I call it my personal rain water harvesting and I am planning on storing rain water in a big jar. Ya ya I know does not really happen , the store and use funda. But since it is raining , I will give you the recipe for this super easy toner. This toner is for oily

You need
Rain water*- 1 cup
Red/white wine - 2 tsps
Lavender oil- 2 drops
Tea tree oil- 4 drops
Almond oil - 6-8 drops
Alum - 1 pinch

Take one teaspoon of rain water and heat it. Add alum powder to it. (Alum is easily available at all chemist stores in a solid crystalline form, you just need to run it through in your mixer to make a powder. Or you can break it in small pieces that are easier to dissolve using the good old mortar and pestle.) Dissolve it well. Set aside…

70s with a twist

While doing the 70s look I thought I should do a romantic version of the simpler look. So I tied a ribbon as my hair band and wear some pink lipstick over my soft brown lipliner. Such a small change actually made this such a big difference, that I had to share the picture. It just made the look younger.

While doing this look I thought pink would make the look seem dated, and costumey, but it so didnt. I am planning that now since this one experiment has worked out , I am going to try numerous crazy looks.

The 70s look tutorial

So the 70s look that I planned on doing a tutorial on is here. I wanted to do a 70s look , but keep it bollywood, so it was not psychedelic colours and I wanted to see if I could try and do a girl next door 70s look. So here is my take on it.

Products used
Vov Rose lady base
Revlon colorstay mineral foundation
B& D cream blush
Nyx lipliner in soft brown
Lakme eye pencil in Midnight black
Charcoal pencil

As you can see I have listed moisturiser in top spot for this look. This is because I want this to be a dewy look partly to keep it contemporary and partly because despite the winged liner the face is going to be pretty bare. Most of the 70s heroines were always looking like they had minimal makeup on and had the most gorgeous complexion ever. The base is crucial in this look so do start with a moisturised face.

I dotted the combination of my revlon foundation and VOV rose lady base on areas that needed heavier coverage. Nose, mouth and chin, eyes and on my temples…

Its raining sigma brushes..

Ik of Makeup monologues is holding a sigma brush giveaway. And though I have never used any brush other than Vega , largely for the cost reason, I would love to win an expensive brush.

You can enter her giveaway here.

I am sure hoping to hone my makeup skills with the brushes. Fingers crossed people.

This is what the goodies look like...

Flower and Fruit facial - Part 2

While the flower bit is to calm your skin and cleanse it better, what with marigold and holy basil being super at killing germs and calming a violent skin with a mind of its own, i.e like mine. Now for the nourishing part of the facial. You can use this together with the flower pack or separately. So here is how,

For Dry Skin
Overripe banana -1
Milk- 2 tbsp
Honey - 1 tbsp
Papaya (pureed)- 1 tbsp

For Oily Skin
Papaya (pureed)- 4 tbsp
Curd/Milk - 2 tsp
Banana pulp- 1tsp
Honey- 1/2 tsp (optional)

Blend all the ingredients together and apply on clean skin. (you can steam your face and neck area for about 2-3 minutes before putting this pack on to help the pack sink in well ). Wash off after 20- 30 minutes using warm water. For those with dry skin they can add two tablespoon of milk to one mug (bath mug)of warm water and use this to wash off the pack.

Use an iced towel (a face towel soaked in water, squeezed to remove excess and kept in the freezer) to close the pores. Just cover your fa…

Flower and Fruit facial - Part 1

Its been a long time since I did a skin care post. So here is my at home facial.
This is one of my cheapest facials and it works wonders on my skin. I do have oily skin, but I will give pointers here on how to make it dry skin friendly.
This facial consists simply of two packs applied back to back. In this post I will give the recipe for flower pack. As easy as that.

For the flower facial you need
Marigold flowers (4)
Holy Basil leaves (10-20)
Rose flower (2)
Mint leaves (10)
Multani mitti - 1 tsp
1/4 cup tea()
Milk - 3 tsp

Take the petals apart from both the flowers (rose and marigold), mix in the basil and mint leaves, add a teaspoon of multani mitti (or any clay will do) run this in a mixer. If you have oily skin add some tea* to make a smooth paste, for dry skin use milk instead. Apply this on well cleansed face and neck. Leave for 20 - 30 mins and wash off with warm water.

The flower facial is great for toning your skin. Marigold flowers are perfect antiseptic, they are m…

Bollywood in 1980s

I do plan to do a makeup look inspired by the 70s. But that will happen only after the weekend. So here is what was makeup in 1980s.

The 1980s were characterised by loud makeup, garish costumes and some of the films were downright crappy. My husband claims it was total moral and aesthetic degeneration in Bollywood. I agree only partially. There were still some films that totally caught my eye, and made me fall in love with them. Most of my favourite films from those days have chor- police story, and as a result I cannot comment on the styling choices made for women in the said film. So I will try and list some films that stand out for being stylish.

The most stylish movie of 1980s was more in keeping with the 70s trend, but it had a touch of 80s so here it is. It was Qurbani by Feroze Khan.

Thats Zeenat Aman looking perfectly bronzed and beach ready. The film was a love story and an action movie rolled into one. You must watch it for the style, the bikes, the action. Here is an im…

All my lippies

Here are swatches of all the lipsticks I own. I have given the initials of the colours, i.e first alphabets of the name, since I had two lippies with initials SR, there is an SoR which is soft rose.

From L- R ,
1st- Desert Rose by Chambor
2nd- Spice Red by Revlon
3rd- Noisette Irrationelle by Bourjois
4th- Chocolate Delight by Maybelline
5th - Brick Red by Revlon
6th - Soft Rose - Revlon Colourburst
7th - Extreme Spice by Loreal
8th- Homemade Coral lippie by me

Colours I desperately want for my collection

A deeper pink, a nice golden lipstick to add pizazz to other shades I own and a plum lipstick.

My skin care specialists

I am a self confessed herbal fanatic and these days my entire skincare regime is centered around 3 herbal products.

Shahnaz Husain sunscreen in SPF 40 (for oily skin)
Lotus herbals Aloe Hydra
Lotus Herbals Alpha Moist

I have a super oily skin, and these are my go to products.

When I have to go out for say a late night coffee or dessert and do not want a base on my skin , but want my skin to look good. I mix some aloe hydraa and alpha moist , apply it on my bare skin. And I am good to go. It gives my skin a fresh , dewy and hydrated feel.

I swear by the Shahnaz Hussain suncreen which claims to be non oily. It indeed is non oily, however blending it is a bit of a pain. It can leave a whitish cast, because it contains some clay in it (looks like really thick calamine if you ask me). However it is moisturising enough to make my skin stay hydrated all day long. However if you want your skin to stay matte, you will need to use a powder.

Alpha moist is an oil free moisturiser. Gets abso…