The 70s look tutorial

So the 70s look that I planned on doing a tutorial on is here. I wanted to do a 70s look , but keep it bollywood, so it was not psychedelic colours and I wanted to see if I could try and do a girl next door 70s look. So here is my take on it.

Products used
Vov Rose lady base
Revlon colorstay mineral foundation
B& D cream blush
Nyx lipliner in soft brown
Lakme eye pencil in Midnight black
Charcoal pencil

As you can see I have listed moisturiser in top spot for this look. This is because I want this to be a dewy look partly to keep it contemporary and partly because despite the winged liner the face is going to be pretty bare. Most of the 70s heroines were always looking like they had minimal makeup on and had the most gorgeous complexion ever. The base is crucial in this look so do start with a moisturised face.

I dotted the combination of my revlon foundation and VOV rose lady base on areas that needed heavier coverage. Nose, mouth and chin, eyes and on my temples. (my temples tend to be darker than my forehead so the coverage was to even out skin tone)

I took some B& D blush on my finger and dabbed it on my cheekbones. (Do not smile when you put on your blush, smile to locate your cheekbone, keep your finger firmly on the bone and stop smiling. Voila you have the exact location of your cheekbone even when you are not smiling. If you smile and apply your blush, the moment you stop smiling your blush placement will look wierd). I would have used a brush if I wanted the blush to stand out a bit.

Apply balm on your lips. Dab it off. Fill your lips with a nude lipliner. You can use a matte MLBB shade if you must. Here I have used Nyx lipliner in softbrown on lips that had a thick layer of balm for 2-3 minutes. This prevents the dry feeling that a lipliner can sometimes give you. It also ensures that the liner doesnt tug your lips. (exfoliate your lips in case they are chapped.)

While doing your base for the entire face , include your eye area. If you are proficient with a liquid liner just draw a line till your eyes and extend it upwards. If like me you have shaky hands , take a charcoal pencil. it is easier to clean off. Keep Qtips dipped in cleanser ready. Draw a line as close to the lashes as you can. (I use Q tips to remove the charcoal drawn line if it gets too thick). I then draw a dot at the point where I want the extended line to end. I make sure this dot is on the same level on the other eye. Winged eyeliner is tough to do because I dont know if both the wings will end on the same level, the dot method helps ensuring they do. After correcting all my mistakes I go over this line in Lakme eye pencil in Midnight Black which is a pitch black colour. Charcoal once applied looks greyish black and if you are okay with greyish black you neednt go over it with an eyeliner. However charcoal pencils have a small drawback, that of not being water proof and not being long stay. So if you are wearing this look in the day time when it will be hot then an eyeliner is a must. For a night look, you can totally skip the eyeliner in favour of some sparkly shiny eyeshadow.

And voila your look is ready. You may dust some powder on your face if you prefer a matte look. Or go over your lips with a nice pinky brown lipstick if you are feeling too barefaced.


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