All my lippies

Here are swatches of all the lipsticks I own. I have given the initials of the colours, i.e first alphabets of the name, since I had two lippies with initials SR, there is an SoR which is soft rose.

From L- R ,
1st- Desert Rose by Chambor
2nd- Spice Red by Revlon
3rd- Noisette Irrationelle by Bourjois
4th- Chocolate Delight by Maybelline
5th - Brick Red by Revlon
6th - Soft Rose - Revlon Colourburst
7th - Extreme Spice by Loreal
8th- Homemade Coral lippie by me

Colours I desperately want for my collection

A deeper pink, a nice golden lipstick to add pizazz to other shades I own and a plum lipstick.


  1. Nice colors. I love Revlon lipsticks. They make the best lipsticks.

  2. Lovely shades!!

  3. @rebekkah - revlon indeed does make lovely colours, the perfect red, the best nude and the prettiest pinks. i think maybelline does lovely plums. i just hope revlon was cheaper in india. there is crazy tax on revlon lippies here. they cost nothing below 400 Rs that is 8$.
    @rakshanda- thanks a lot.


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