Bollywood in 1980s

I do plan to do a makeup look inspired by the 70s. But that will happen only after the weekend. So here is what was makeup in 1980s.

The 1980s were characterised by loud makeup, garish costumes and some of the films were downright crappy. My husband claims it was total moral and aesthetic degeneration in Bollywood. I agree only partially. There were still some films that totally caught my eye, and made me fall in love with them. Most of my favourite films from those days have chor- police story, and as a result I cannot comment on the styling choices made for women in the said film. So I will try and list some films that stand out for being stylish.

The most stylish movie of 1980s was more in keeping with the 70s trend, but it had a touch of 80s so here it is. It was Qurbani by Feroze Khan.

Thats Zeenat Aman looking perfectly bronzed and beach ready. The film was a love story and an action movie rolled into one. You must watch it for the style, the bikes, the action. Here is an image more representative of makeup in 1980s which was largely super bold. Blue eyeshadow, worn as liner, deep red-orange lips and strong blush that is visible from miles away.

The second interesting film is Karz, a film about reincarnation, revenge and pop music. Starring Rishi Kapoor, Tina Munim and Simi Grewal. This film is an all time favourite. It is interesting to see Simi Grewal who plays the older seductress of sorts is very confident in her red lipstick and Tina Munim who plays a college girl sports very understated makeup.

Since I could not find the perfect image for Simi Garewal. I am giving you guys a link to her video.

Another favourite movie from the time was Mr India. I still love it. But Sridevi who played a journalist in the film always had tonnes of makeup on. Red lipstick ruled the roost and it was glossy, the makeup was loud too. Somehow it was just a crazy time for makeup. I am putting up a pic of her as a journo and also after the famous song hawa hawai.

Here is a collage , of some cult movies , to give you sense of the 80s makeup.


  1. i love this series u are doing :-)) keep it going

  2. thanks ggg... totally the encouragement i needed. i love bollywood as you can see. this is truly love's labour

  3. Hi Rainy days :-) just came across your blog through the comment you left on my post. Your blog is really wonderful & I went through all your posts from end to end. You have a really unique style & I would definitely call you a swan!
    BTW, the collage of your pics is gorgeous. Did you create it?

  4. hey thanks a ton poohkie.. i do love taking pictures and more often than not i find no one else to pose.. hahahah.. as for being a swan, its still not sinking in that i am no longer the ugly duckling. like you know how what we think of ourselves when we are in our teens stays with us forever. we may realise those were just times when people were being stupid, but those things stick and how.
    btw i love how many lipsticks you have and i so share your addiction.

  5. I completely agree with you. For some reason I still think of myself as the reserved, super shy 13 year old girl & have to remind myself often that I am a grown women!

    I read your post about using the charcoal pencil to line your eyes. I mean, these pencils don't have any lead mixed in, do they? I'm keen to try it, but is this safe? Can you use any brand or a specific brand?

  6. i agree about not feeling grown..

    no i asked some of frnds studying art if charcoal pencils have lead in it, and they assured me it doesnt have lead in it.. i use this brand called ambassador .. these charcoal pencils just need to be softened in water or oil. lead would generally make it stiffer.. so it is mighty safe... in fact i read in a magazine (i think it was femina) how it is a better alternative to dark eye pencils that need tonnes of remover if you are going to use it everyday.

  7. That's fantastic. I'm going to try these :D


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