Bollywood in 1990s

So I am back with a post on hair , makeup and beauty in the 90s. In all honesty 90s always gets a tough rap on its knuckles for being so over the top. Largely for being blindly imitative of american makeup in 80s. But the 90s had their moment too. It did have some makeup that was not that bad. Yes most of the makeup was over the top, but some of it was pretty good. Here is my checklist of some of my favouritest or not so well loved looks from the 90s.

Thats Madhuri Dixit in Dil and she is the one who best captures the reasons for the bad press 90s makeup got. The pimples, the pancake makeup to conceal them, the wierd lipstick and huge lashes didnt help, neither did helmet hair. I think a bit more attitude would help carry off the helmet head effect better.

Thats Raveena Tandon doing better justice to the helmet hair effect. Somebody tell me what is Karishma wearing. Big hair, fringes, often curled were more or less the norm. Loud eye makeup was paired with a maroon mouth. However the effect on Ravina is pretty. Somehow I think she really carried off the 90s look beautifully. I loved her in her debut film , Patthar ke Phool. She carried the big hair, and oodles of eye makeup while playing a well to do girl so well that I never thought to question why her clothes and makeup dont make her look out of place and wierd.

As you can see here the eye makeup, with obvious white liner in the inner rims of her eyes , she still looks gorgeous. Somehow Sridevi who had received much flak for her makeup in Mr. India on this very blog, had taken the plunge to wear subtle and classy makeup in Lamhe. I loved the film , I dont know why it flopped so badly. But here she is with nice blush, subtle eyes and mouth.

Sadly Lamhe flopped. I have no idea why. But it did. However some one who took the risk of looking bare and managed to score a hit was Kajol. I am indeed thinking of DDLJ , which still plays at Maratha Mandir. In fact it is this movie that keeps the theatre still in business while other single screen theaters sell their premises off for a mall or multiplex, or both.

Finally Kajol was on screen and proudly dusky, which made me want to jump up with joy. The reign of white or whitened faces was officially over. (I was disappointed to see Kajol looking numerous shades lighter in her more recent films. but that is another post.) Another dusky lass who was super sexy, and looked like a million bucks, but somehow never made it big in the industry was Anu Agarwal. She played a model in Aashiqui, cast opposite Rahul Roy, who could not act to save his life, probably her career was doomed there on. Though her debut was a hit, she didnt make a big mark.

But here she is rocking a deep fuchsia lip, with minimal eye makeup and I must say I do love her attitude to try this bright pop of colour on her lips.

Another lovely debut around the same time was Divya Bharati, it really tragic that she died so young. She does look like she is rocking the helmet hair and the crazy makeup. Though it is super shimmery, it does look nice on her.

That to me was the 90s. The makeup was on a crazy up and down, too bold, too pale, too shimmery, too loud. Yet somehow it was made ethereal by a lot of our very own bollywood heroines.


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