Credits for the haul

In my haul I mentioned how I owed the products to numerous beauty blogs I have been scouting. But I thought I should give credit to each and everyone today.
So here goes

First comes the credit for me investing in good nail paints, the big three free, the ones that make your manicure at home last longer and give lovely results to see. I found out about Jordana making toluened and DBP nail paints from Tanveer's blog. I had a powder bronzer from them that I loved, but just did not know how many products Jordana made till I chanced on Addicted to Blush. And absolutely never could imagine they will go eco friendly.

A long time ago when I was in college all I owned was loose brown powder made by Lakme , a kajal ki dibbi and a lipstick. What fun it was to keep making these simple things stretch, or look through my mom's stash of makeup and steal lippies. Then as I grew a bit, I got a compact, and never went back to loose powder till I heard that Lakme made a cheap and value for money powder. The credit for this discovery, as well of the discovery that the humble rose powder could be put to fascinating uses goes to Sonia of beauty and the blog fame.

I always loved how well Lotus skin care suited my skin to a T. Did not that their cosmetics would be just as great, and not to forget easy on the pocket. The credit for Lotus pure color lippes, the mere discovery and eventual infatuation has to go to IMBB.

Chambor was always a fave brand, the one I save up for , and I just love their matte lipsticks. Some awesome colours, dont dry up or settle into fine lines. Chambor Matte could not get a better advertisement than this.

The Ponds under eye cream was something that the SA pushed me into. The only reason I like this is it has SPF and some nutrition and is super light on the skin. Has it reduced my dark circles cant say. Should give it more time.

The lotus herbals stick foundation was something I had been eyeing for a while, primarily for how cheap it is , and it is herbal. I asked a couple of bloggers for their pov on it. Read a few reviews and then a few more. I then asked Corallista. She very kindly told me how it was no good as a concealer, but a great foundation. So picked it up for days when I didnt want to use my Revlon Colorstay mineral mousse foundation, which I love to death.

So thanks all you beauty bloggers for helping me list out my haul. Every time you review something it really changes the way people buy.


  1. Awwww! That's so sweet, glad to help out babes! Enjoy your haul :)

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