A haul and swatches

I just bought these articles over the last week or two. This I feel is my most rounded haul, and it has reccos gleaned from all over the blogosphere. I should do a separate post on which blogs I learned from to get to this haul. But here are the spoils.

This is an all rounded haul, because it includes some lovely nail paints, one is a strengthening one with calcium et al and the other is top coat. Both are from Jordana and are big three free. There is the Lotus Makeup stick and Lakme loose powder together with some under eye cream from Ponds with SPF and vitamins. Two lippies from Lotus - Peach Creme and Golden Dusk , one from chambor - Brique Rose what else.

So that is all really there is to it.

Here are the swatches of the lippies and the makeup stick (far right). I must say for a company that has only 3 shades, I found a perfect match in the middle one. From L to R these are
Lotus Pure Color in Peach Creme
Chambor matte in Brique rose
Lotus Pure Color in Peach Creme with some Golden Dusk
Lotus Pure Color in Golden Dusk
Lotus Makeup stick in no. 2.


  1. lovely haul. Waiting for the reviews now

  2. @kuheli - thanks thanks
    @nivedita - surely yes. reviews will come up soon.. but is there something in specific you want reviewed.. will do that sooner than the rest..


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