Home made toner with rain water

Remember how all the toners you are supposed to make at home require you to boil the water, or use distilled water. Now I have a toner recipe that does not require you to process the water at all. Because this is the rain water toner. And do I love it or what. I call it my personal rain water harvesting and I am planning on storing rain water in a big jar. Ya ya I know does not really happen , the store and use funda. But since it is raining , I will give you the recipe for this super easy toner. This toner is for oily

You need
Rain water*- 1 cup
Red/white wine - 2 tsps
Lavender oil- 2 drops
Tea tree oil- 4 drops
Almond oil - 6-8 drops
Alum - 1 pinch

Take one teaspoon of rain water and heat it. Add alum powder to it. (Alum is easily available at all chemist stores in a solid crystalline form, you just need to run it through in your mixer to make a powder. Or you can break it in small pieces that are easier to dissolve using the good old mortar and pestle.) Dissolve it well. Set aside.
In the remaining water add all the oils and red wine and mix it well using a spoon. Add in the alum water and transfer into a spray/ regular bottle. Use after washing your face or even when you are too lazy to wash it.

Here is how it works
Wine contains anti oxidants, as well as helps preserve the toner as it also has a bit of alcohol. However unlike pure or high concentration alcohol, say vodka, it does not dry your skin too much.
Almond oil is nourishing and a dash of it in the toner will compensate the drying effects that alcohol might have. For those with dry skin, double up the almond oil. And use rose oil instead of tea tree oil.
Lavender and tea tree oil are great for soothing the skin. Tea tree is particularly effective on oily blackhead or acne prone skin. Lavender is super soothing.
If you have a dry skin, you can use a combination of rose and orange, or rose and sandalwood. For normal skin , try rose and lavender.
Alum is what my father used to use instead of an aftershave. It has antiseptic properties and serves as the necessary anti bacterial , anti microbial component of the facewash.

Right now this is working as my facial mist. I just mist this on my face after I am done applying my compact to take away the powderiness of the compact. You can also use it for purely therapuetic purposes.

*Do not use water from the first few showers, because often these showers carry the chemical and other gases in them. Once rains become frequent , that is when you should collect rainwater. You can leave a small clean bowl on your windowsill, balcony and if you are lucky enough to own a terrace, then yes your terrace. Just keep it on a height, so water that touches the ground does not splash up into it.


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